Machiavellian Melville Council Protects Nobody


Violent attack on 29 year old woman in Melville at 1:30am this morning is yet another indicator of Melville Council’s poor form in protecting its citizens.

After a spate of attacks in the area, Melville Council is still to show implementation of the State Government’s $250,000 grants to improve safety around Melville’s streets. According to Minister Kristi, Melville Council accepted the funds in March and delayed the project proposal submission until November that year. As of April 2016, four out of nine CCTV cameras have been installed to prevent attacks and capture criminals; none of which are operational. Compared to Melbourne City Council, who has installed seven fully operational CCTV cameras in under three months, the Melville Council is still to take responsibility. The negligence by the council has allowed for another attack to take place last night on Oxford Street and the corner of Bowen Street, with the police still in search for the attacker.

The victim of the attack last night on Oxford Street was walking alone at night when grabbed from behind and pulled in to an alcove by a Caucasian man. Police Acting Detective Chief Inspector Sue Ellison praises the victim for her ‘great presence of mind’ in the situation, acting quickly by kicking the Caucasian man in the groin and running away. However, it was a resident of Melville whom was passing by that made the emergency call to the police whom arrived on the scene near the corner at Oxford Street and Brown Street 10 minutes later. The 29 year old tourist who had been living and working in Melville for six months made a narrow escape, sustaining serious injuries and taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital. The woman is currently in a stable condition and Ellison claims ‘the police are doing everything we can to track down the offender.’

The perpetrator is believed to be in his early 40s with short dyed blonde hair and a medium build. The police are currently investigating the incident further, checking CCTV security footage of nearby stores to identify the perpetrator in absence of council street cameras. Police encourage anyone with information to come forward and aid the investigation. Despite Ellison declaring ‘it is our number one priority that all people, especially young women are safe on our streets’, Minister Kristi is disappointed with the inner city suburb’s lack of response to the present on these attacks in the community. She says ‘The state government is doing everything we can…. the councils have to do their bit.’