Geoengineering and the WEF
Oliver Morton

“Incidentally, what’s up with space as the top societal risk enhancer?”

For those who regard social stability as being identical to “control by people like me” cheap spaceflight throughout the Solar System opens up new and daunting chances that people will slip out from under control of “the right sort of people”. Once that happens, the exemplum set by successful settlers “beyond the pale” will encourage others on Earth to believe that *they* can do without so much “guidance” by those more highly certified than themselves. Can’t have that!

Similarly, the geoengineering fears relate mostly to not being able to predict all effects. This illuminates the point that discussion of geoengineering calls attention to the lack of predictability of *any* action, including the shut-down of carbon-based society now being encouraged. For those who value their next paycheck above all else such discussions raise hackles. It is notable that business folk are less concerned in either case, because adaptation to changes in the market are part of their daily tasks, while bureaucrats and academics desire predictability above all else.

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