Vietnam Visa requirements — Multiple Entry Visa Vietnam

Because of February 2016, the Vietnamese Embassy in Australia has issued an official warning about Visa Vietnam On Arrival companies, Please be aware of that and use at your own risk. Due to occasional Canada Post’s delayed delivery, FedEx is recommended for urgent document shipping. Besides the price for one entry, the 90-day brokerage is 170$, plus 40$ more to get the visa in less than ten working days. You can use our secure online form to submit your application or locate all download forms. Obtaining a three-month visa — one or multiple — would allow travelers plenty of time to go to Vietnam without worrying about overstaying,” he explains.

I only got a new Vietnam visa on 27 Nov in the VN embassy at PP. It was easy, painless, and just US$85 for a three-month, multiple entry visas (the most expensive option) and one-hour support. Antiquities can be exported only with a permit from the Ministry of Culture of Vietnam, the currency of Vietnam, protected animals, reptiles and needed to establish sufficient funds to stay in Vietnam is not fixed.

Since we read it is suggested to leave your homeland already having a visa for Vietnam, we contacted the Vietnamese consulate at Turin, the nearest to us. They told us they couldn’t release visa for more than 90 days, without giving us any suggestion to remain longer. When the officials stamp the visa in your passport, you’re free to investigate Vietnam! Take note that three-month multiple entry visas are occasionally subject to restrictions, so before finalizing your plans in respect of entry to and exit from Vietnam it would be wise to check if it’s possible to obtain a visa for the required dates.

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of using the letter with strange people, please let us know at the time of the program. At this moment, citizens of the following countries do not need to apply beforehand for a Vietnamese visa (when arriving by either land or air). There have been documented cases of fraudulence and personal data theft when applying for online visa and cases of entry denial on arrival whenever these kinds of online visa have been applied through bogus/un-recognised sites with no connections to the Embassy.

Vietnam visa requirement: Get your visa stamped at Vietnam airport checking point by submitting published visa approval letter, passport, two passport-sized photos, entry and exit type, and stamping fee to the in-charge officer. Vietnam provides two types of visas the normal tourist visas or C1 visa and business visa which have various codes like B2 and B3. The authenticity of the tourist visa is thirty days while that of the company visa varies between a few months.