And Then It Hit Me! Literally. The Lighter He Threw Out of the Car.

Defending a Prostitute in Rome, Italy and Other Stuff

That’s Not Italy, But It’s how I Felt…Alone…Confused.

It was late in Rome. I’d been living there for years and years. And then it happened. I saw a Man and Woman Fighting…and then she walked off.

She looked disturbed. Physically, emotionally. And then I saw the second thing…

A Car following her down the street. Window Open. Screaming and Pleading at the Same time. I spoke Italian, but this was super fast and I had a hard time catching up.

The woman was having nothing of it. She continued ignoring the car. And the man. Finally he zoomed ahead and cut her off. I ran…

I ran up to her and before the man could get out of his car I shouted at him: “You’re a Pig. You’re a disgusting Pig” in my worst Italian. He was a bit perplexed, naturally…but he understood the point.

Then I stood between the car and the woman and that’s when it happened.

He reached inside the glove compartment…No, it wasn’t A GUN, Thank God…he was reaching for…Instead? A lighter.

He whipped it at me, smashing into my head. And then He drove off. Swearing…

The woman thanked me and that’s when I understood she was a prostitute. A lady of the night.

Stuff like this might happen to you, but you need to understand the cultural mores and barrier and rules to keep yourself safe.

That’s one of the jobs we take seriously in our business — we are tour directors who have just opened up a Travel Company.

In other words, we care deeply about safety and about educating our travelers about cultural experiences and things to watch out for — including Gypsies. Gypsies are everywhere in Rome. Pretty much everywhere IN EUROPE! So you have to be careful.

If you’re interested in European Travel, make sure you don’t choose just any company because they are famous, or popular, or whatever. Look at who they are.

Most Importantly, look at what they put into the Tour…Value. Even NomadicMatt Agrees on that…

…And they don’t know what happens on the streets. They have no ‘in the field’ experience. We do.

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