Differentiate. Name of the Game. Bet on it!

And Why You’re Gonna Get Screwed.

Let’s get one thing straight (transparency is necessary). We are a Travel Company, yada, yada. Yeah, I know, Mr. Know-it-All that you are, you’ll just go to the next article. Read that one 1/2 way, and continue on like that. That’s what everyone does. And that’s why everyone is gonna get screwed.

You see, I don’t give two craps that Gary Vaynerchuk doesn’t respond to me. I really don’t. He may think I do. But I don’t. Who needs him anyone (I mean ‘anyway’). Listening to Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t going to get you very far if that’s what you think. Listening never got anyway (sorry, anyone) very far anyhow. If there’s one thing (or two) you should take from him, it’s

  1. Work Your Damn Ass Off.
  2. And don’t be a cry-baby when nobody cares that you do (work your ass off).

Now for the Meat and Potatoes: Yes, Gary Vaynerchuk is right (most of the time, even if you are wrong all of the time).

  1. DIFFER-ENTI-ATE: Differentiate your damn product. It’s not hard to do. It doesn’t mean being a yellow monkey, or getting in a taxi and painting it purple. But it might mean getting a taxi and only playing hip-hop music with deep bass. It just means differentiating the product you have. WHY AM I HARKING ON THIS THEME? And why Vaynerchuk doesn’t do it enough (not like I care): Because the smartphone is just another name for dopamine. You are getting bombarded by images 24/7/365. The images pile up and pile up and everything becomes rote and trite. It’s all dying. It will all become trite and cliche with time. It always does. So…

Make your product the anti-product. The issue: we are a travel company. How to make our product be the anti-travel company? Well, that’s difficult, but it can be the anti-something of travel companies. Like the flag bearing and boring guided ones you see tour groups are. BTW: I never see that. It could be the anti-tourist angle. FIND YOUR ANGLE and MAKE IT DISRUPT THE CATEGORY.

  1. The last thing: the market decides who is popular, what is in, who is hot. Not you. Not your interests. Not your lipstick girlfriend. The market does. If you learn to see the trends, follow your intuition and create the anti-trend, you’ll be ahead of the game before the game has even been created. Not that anyone is listening. And I like it that way. Because I am the market soothsayer. Gary Vaynerchuk thinks he sees the market trends (ok, shut up, he does, he does). But I’ve been blessed to perceive aesthetics and correlations. I see where it’s all going. You might want to invest quickly. Because before you know it, it will pass you by. Like, “bye-bye” by.

But don’t trust me. Don’t trust the new kid on the block. Trust yourself. After all, you’re probably right where you want to be like everywhere (I mean, everyone) else.

Good luck! Au Revoir!

Sineni Tours: check us out if you want to see an example of what I’m talking about. Differentiation.