Documenting and Creating

That’s What We Are Doing (Read the First Paragraph)

We all call ourselves creators. I once asked a girl in Rome: “What do you do for a living?” Girl: “I’m an artist.” Wow, must be tough being so, I dunno, unspecialized in so many areas.

We are so friggin sick and tired of groups and people giving the impression that they are just pumping out creativity 24/7. They aren’t. You aren’t.

Nobody is THAT creative. Van Gogh wasn’t that creative. Even Picasso in his hyper misogynistic days wasn’t that creative. NOBODY IS.

But, if you mean DOCUMENT — ATIVE, then we can talk. Because document — ative is the new Creative. Hell, maybe it’s always been the old creative. At any rate, we are into documenting. And what is documenting exactly?

Documenting: it is chronicling and reporting. Almost like keeping a daily diary of what happens to you on a day to day basis.

If you aren’t documenting, you probably aren’t creating either. Or perhaps you are, but it’s just the same old, humdrum, blasé, passé stuff spewing out all over the internet. And thank God, because the real creatives, ahem, ahem, the ones who are documenting — we are going to pass you by.

I know, I know. The Vaynerchuk haters abound. Good. Bring em on, or out, or whatever. It all falls into the same ‘fakery’ category of people too oblivous to think and act differently. All I can say: it’s coming. It’s coming and if you aren’t on board, it will impact you like a freight-train. Alternatively, if you are changing your message and experimenting with what I’m telling you, it will feel like the brush of butterfly wings; a touch of feather.

But it’s coming nonetheless. That much I can tell you. The internet is the greatest single equalizer the planet has ever known. And it’s here to stay. The aristocracy can’t be fucked anymore. They won. You lost.

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