They Were Freaking out. Crying. Hysterical. They Were Lost!

Be Safe in Europe or Else!!!

I was walking by myself to head to my secret location for lunch (Venice 2016). That’s when I see these two girls crying.

I heard them speaking English. I stopped them and asked if they needed help. They did. A LOT!

They said their Tour Director didn’t wait for them and left them. But they weren’t college breakers, they were about 15 years old.

If you’ve ever been to Venice, you know it’s a maze. So I told them which way they needed to go.

Crowds Can Cause Lots of Confusion…

They began crying even more. I say ‘what’s wrong?’ They said, ‘another person just told us the opposite direction!’

I said: “Look I’m a tour director, I know where I am. Follow me and I will take you to the group” (IF THEY ARE STILL THERE).

I wound them out of the maze and as we approached, the Group Was Walking Away.

I grabbed the other tour director and said “think you’re forgetting something”. He looked back and saw the girls…

The girls’ parents ran over from the group (as well as TWO underage friend cuz the Tour Director told them to stay back…dumb), thanking me profusely…

I lost lunch that day because I had no time, but that’s what happens when, as a TD, you love your job.

Those are things you cannot know or learn from just skimming through travel companies online or trusting other people…why?

Because when you travel, it’s mostly the Tour Director that makes or breaks your experience. Not the company.

So, when you have a company owned and operated by tour directors, you know you’re in good hands.

Peace Out…take your travel seriously…

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