How I stay motivated when I feel days are off

To help me feel progress, I made a quick Telegram bot that sends me push notifications when:

  • a visitor uses the Ping Tool or sign ups 👻
  • a user adds a monitor or a status page 📺
  • a user subscribes to a plan 🎉
  • a recurrent payment occurs 🤑

and a bunch of other actions that are useful to me.

To help me stay sane throughout the month I also made a hand-written calendar that sums up all the days that the recurrent payments appear. I would have 5 of them on the 9th of the month and feel glorious but it would feel dead between the 25th and 28th, as if nothing ever happens. This helps celebrate the small wins.

Red circles are churned subscriptions

If you’re using NodeJS, there is this very simple npm package called node-telegram-bot-api that can help you do that.

Here is my code:

I am using a set of pre-made actions that is passed as the first parameter message and then send real JSON as a second that is being formatted as it is (because I like how readable JSON is):

const { telegrambot, ACTIONS } = require('../scripts/telegram-bot.js');

telegrambot(ACTIONS.NEW_USER, { email: });


omw to become a full-time maker —

omw to become a full-time maker — —