How I stay motivated when I feel days are off

Leo Baecker
Aug 17, 2018 · 2 min read

To help me feel progress, I made a quick Telegram bot that sends me push notifications when:

  • a visitor uses the Ping Tool or sign ups 👻
  • a user adds a monitor or a status page 📺
  • a user subscribes to a plan 🎉
  • a recurrent payment occurs 🤑

and a bunch of other actions that are useful to me.

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Celebrate the small wins

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Red circles are churned subscriptions

How to build the Telegram bot

Here is my code:

I am using a set of pre-made actions that is passed as the first parameter message and then send real JSON as a second that is being formatted as it is (because I like how readable JSON is):

const { telegrambot, ACTIONS } = require('../scripts/telegram-bot.js');

telegrambot(ACTIONS.NEW_USER, { email: });


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