First Time

Everyone loves having a first time in their various experiences in life. Be it the first time to the high school you used to dream of while in junior school, or visiting a new city in a new country, everyone loves the thrill of being in that place of your dreams for the first time.

For me, my yearning was to come to an Andela bootcamp and get an experience of their training that has been dubbed as the most intensive tech skills accelerator program currently available in the entire continent. After two applications I was able to make it to the bootcamp after a rigorous selection process.

At the bootcamp I was able to meet awesome people; some were staff members, some already fellows in the program, while the rest were the other bootcampers. While virtually all the Andelans are very helpful, of most note were people like James Ndiga, the recruitment manager, fellows like Lolo, John Kariuki, Mwale, James Muturi, Kevin Gathuku, fellow bootcampers like Kimani Ndegwa, Emmanuel Muthui, Joseph Muli, Ruth Bochere, Edward Igosangwa, and Beth Wanjiku.

James Ndiga was of most help in diffusing the tension we had at first. He encouraged us to relax and take the bootcamp as a learning experience to better ourselves as developers rather than a cut throat man-eat-man kind of competition to get into Andela. James Muturi and Mwale helped us to challenge ourselves by giving more than is expected, and pushing ourselves to the limit. I really took a note of James Muturi, our training assistant for his emphasis on commitment to excellence in every task we were assigned to do. I really liked Lolo for her disruptive nature, since it helped stir up people who were so fixed in their laptops and didn’t couldn’t give attention to anything else.

Fellow bootcampers like Kimani, Emmanuel, Ruth, Edward, Beth, Joseph, Whitney, and Edward were very helpful in the manner of collaborative learning by helping where I had weaknesses, giving alternative approaches to solving a problem and also offering insights of their journey into becoming junior developers.

All in all, the bootcamp experience in the first two days has been of immense input in virtually every area of our lives as aspiring Andelans.