Welcome WhatsApp!

WhatsApp was founded in 2009; after little more than two years, WhatsApp claimed that 100 million active users use the service!

The growth has continued unabated and the end of 2015 had reached 1 billion subscribers.

Meanwhile -February 2014- had been acquired by Facebook, but from the chart does not seem that the acquisition has played a role in its growth.

On 5 April, after 7 years of life, WhatsApp has announced the introduction of end-to-end encryption: it doesn’t seems exactly “security by design” , uh?

The company statement “Privacy and Security is in our DNA”, compared to the past 7 years without protection in the exchange of messages, it appears a little exaggerated, but the new approach is still important and welcome.

What drove the decision? … 
Maybe more than the concern about users’ privacy, has done more the arrive of a “telegram” … on the market.

Anyway, we must remember that all the metadata about our conversations are still available: date and time of the messages, type of information exchanged (text, image, video, audio), sender and recipients.

Are all information that allows our analysis for marketing, often to the legal threshold limit.