Android app to Get Random/Latest Dilbert strip — Dropbox Link below

I like Dilbert. Scott Adams is one of the few kings of comic-strip-humor. But I’ve gotten tired of visiting the official website everyday on my laptop or phone just to catch the latest strip. So I decided to write a basic Android app to fetch it for me.

The app requires you to initially click one of “Random” or “Latest” to fetch, well, a random strip along with the date it was fetched from or get the newest strip with the respective date i.e today or yesterday (based on availability).

The “Exit” button closes the app, as expected.

I dunno how to host an apk on the PlayStore just yet. So I’m just going to host it here for now — on a Dropbox link. If you find any bugs, let me know at

Screenshots —

App Main Screen
Random strip (with date)
Latest Strip

Known bug(s)/issue(s) —

  • In case, a strip isn’t present on selected date, the previous strip persists even though the date changes. Needs to be handled better.
  • Aspect ratio of images to be fixed .

Code —

The code is all here — . Very raw though. There are no design patterns ; just code that works :)

PS —

This app needs to be granted not-from-playstore permissions and installed. Please check it out and give me feedback so I can go ahead and figure out the steps to publish it on the store! :)


Due credits to Scott Adams for his official website — — from where I’m able to scrape the comics off of.