Proper management of your swinging blood sugar

Blood sugar is the method of ensuring the glucose level in your blood. Your body derives most of the energy from glucose. Your body utilizes the insurance hormone, secreted from the pancreas to create glucose. Anybody that can’t create insulin can’t transform glucose into energy, which may create severe mental and physical issues.

In order to live a healthy and felicitous life, you should have normal blood sugar. A person having blood sugar level between 70 mg and 150 mg may be considered to be at the normal level. Crossing this or below this limit is considered to be abnormal. Abnormal level of blood sugar may cause coma, eye issues, skin issues, confusion, blurred vision, exhaustion, weight loss, hunger, thirst, anxiousness and even death. Therefore, you should always try to maintain healthy sugar level.

The blood sugar of a person generally increases after eating. This generally happens to those people that have normal pancreas function and insulin. This fluctuation of the blood sugar level is known as swinging blood sugar. It happens when the blood sugar of a person swings countless times all over the day. This may cause all the above mentioned symptoms as the blood sugar level may swing high and low occasionally. This is the main reason sweets for diabetics are restricted.

If you are facing symptoms related to low and blood sugars, you should consult a doctor. Your doctor will suggest you a blood test. Although a blood test may give you a clear picture of your current blood sugar level, it doesn’t always work efficiently after detecting the swinging blood sugar. In fact, when the doctor checks your blood sugar, it may appear to be perfectly normal. Nonetheless, it may change at any point of the day. Therefore, you should always try to opt for zero calories in respect to your sugar intake.

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