Honor thy Father

Honor thy Father directed by Erik Matti, was a precise movie to be aired here in the Philippines, as it depicts the usual Filipino setting, mentality, perception, as well as their resiliency in facing conflicts having their one foot on their grave. The movie has shown a problem that was very timely in our country nowadays, being a victim of a Networking System and having this as a the main problem, the movie have mold different life aspects that the audience might reflect and lean as well. The feeling of Edgar , who is the main character in the movie, which is in doubt at the very beginning in his wife’s interests and membership in the system, intensify the following scenario that come.. When they found out that their money and his wife’s collected money from the other members were invested in a scam, that scenario have changed their lives and have put them in a more complicated set up every day.

Edgar has been a very good representation of being a father who will do anything just for the sake of his family. At the time where his wife, Kaye was in near to commit suicide, he encourage her to live for their daughter, bald his hair so his child won’t feel that she is different to the others, turns to the point of stealing to the congregation (Church of Yeshua) which her wife was a faithful member and generous in giving offerings, also the time when he went to his hometown to as his brother’s help in making plans to steal in the congregation. After all hardships he went through, it was not still not enough. Seeing her wife being tortured by their partners in the scam, anger comes in where there is a scenario in the movie where he decided to pull the trigger. On their way home, his wife suddenly lose her breathe which a very strange and tragic thing to Edgar to be achieved after all his hardships in dealing with all the conflicts and challenges just to save his family.

Honor thy Father, presents situations that was very difficult to deal with. It’s a grievous movie. With the use of afflictive scenes, the movie was successful in capturing the reality, in outlining what a father has to be, In how to view life even it oppose on what society thinks ethical as for the love for he the family.