It’s that time of the year again — applications for SAL’s Specialist Accreditation Scheme are open, giving you a chance to distinguish yourself as a leader in Maritime and Shipping (M&S) Law.

As newly Accredited Specialist in Building and Construction Law Ms Thea Sonya Raman shares, the recognition adds more than just a title to her name — it also offers tangible benefits.

Accredited Specialist in Building and Construction Law Ms Thea Sonya Raman of Rajah & Tann SIngapore

“I have started having a lot more ‘business development’ opportunities,” shares the partner at Rajah & Tann Singapore, referring to an upcoming project to promote construction law among young practitioners here. “While this has yet to translate into real work, I think it may in due course and in any event, the increased visibility is always welcome.”

Explaining her decision to get accredited, she recalls, “I’ve been practising construction law for all of my years in practice. When the scheme was rolled out, it was the natural choice to try and get accredited.”

If, like Ms Raman, you would like to be recognised for your commitment to a particular area of the law, consider applying for accreditation. Here are some pointers to remember for this year’s accreditation exercise, which focuses on M&S Law:

  • EXPERIENCE MATTERS: Legal practitioners with at least five years of full-time PQE as at 1 January 2019 may apply to become an Accredited Specialist.
  • SUBSTANTIAL INVOLVEMENT: Applicants must show that, in the immediate three years prior to application, they have been engaged in full-time practice in M&S law by having dedicated a minimum billable amount of S$200,000 or 450 billable hours a year to the said area of practice.
  • STAYING UP-TO-DATE: In the immediate three years prior to application, applicants must have accumulated at least six public and/or private CPD points a year in this specialisation.
  • REFERENCES COUNT: Applicants shall be required to submit two favourable reference statements from M&S legal practitioners, in-house counsel or arbitrators who can attest to the applicants’ involvement and competence in the specialisation, and character.
  • DATES TO KNOW: Interested applicants must submit their application, reference statements, supporting documents and the payment confirmation email by 1 April 2019, 5pm (Accredited Specialist).

Click here for more information on the Specialist Accreditation Scheme.