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“Industry leadership recognition,” — that’s how Mr S Mohan, Managing Director of Resource Law LLC, describes the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL)’s Specialist Accreditation Scheme. The Senior Accredited Specialist in Maritime & Shipping Law was among 34 lawyers recognised for their industry legal expertise and experience this year — and Mr Mohan hopes that more will come forward to be accredited.

S Mohan of Resource Law

“(If younger lawyers) wish to increase their profile and enhance their personal branding, I would strongly encourage them to seek accreditation,” says Mr Mohan, who is also the President of The Maritime Law Association of Singapore.

But as he shares, it’s not just younger lawyers who stand to benefit from the mark of excellence that the accreditation provides — even those with a wealth of experience have something to gain. Take Mr Mohan for instance — his 25 years in the maritime industry make him a well-known figure in local shipping circles. But like most industries, shipping is constantly welcoming new entrants, many of whom need help choosing a reliable legal partner.

The Specialist Accreditation Scheme helps senior lawyers establish themselves as these reliable partners, says Mr Mohan. “If they’re looking for market expertise, they know where to go,” he adds, referring to new shipping and commodities companies entering the market in Singapore.

The accreditation’s two-year validity ensures that specialists don’t rest on their laurels but remain relevant and in touch with emerging trends in maritime law. That suits Mr Mohan just fine. His early intrigue with maritime law’s holistic nature remains strong — as he puts it, it isn’t a passion that’s going to be washed away any time soon.

Applications for the next round of accreditation for Maritime and Shipping Law are open until 5pm on April 1, 2019. Legal practitioners with at least five years’ post-qualification experience and who practise this area of law are invited to apply. Click here for more.

Mr Mohan will lead an eye-opening discussion on marine insurance in projects related to the China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Part of the SAL’s Belt and Road Series, the discussion will take place on 23 July. Click here for more.

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