Redundancy Distributed Storage Network (RDSN)

  1. There is a story that everyone is familiar with: “The evil dragon was killed by the warrior, but the warrior’s body gradually grew scales — he became a new evil dragon.”

This is a story that is totally incompatible with human society and less in line with the blockchain era. Because if there is a dragon, it must not just be a certain warrior, but a large-scale division of labor and cooperation that kills it. The “large-scale division of labor and cooperation” is the market mechanism, which is the miracle of civilization brought about by the economy. It allows the unfamiliar strangers to complete the cooperation through equal value and without centralization, making various achievements that individuals cannot accomplish.

A decade ago, Nakamoto published his white paper, challenging the centralization. POW is the sword of the Dragon Slayer. He got the fairness in exchange for efficiency. As a result, he gathered countless warriors and cut off the dragon’s head. For the arrival of the decentralized era, he opened a light and a road. However, what Nakamoto did not realize that “the evil dragon who was not guilty was killed by a group of warriors who gathered together, but the warriors got into the dragon skin in order to occupy the wealth of the dragon, pretending that the dragon was still alive.”

2. This is a very sad story. The sacrifice of efficiency was originally in exchange for fairness, but in the end, there was only a competition for “sacrifice efficiency”. The computing power itself should serve for fair accounting. However, it became a centralized means and the “armament” of interest groups. As a product of pure consensus, BTC’s value lies in people’s conviction that there is such a sword that can kill the dragon. And the day the warriors start fighting each other, the faith collapses. The market will not lie, when the consensus support for value disappears.

All these phenomena are precisely the performance of the market mechanism. According to Schumpeter’s theory, the cyclical prosperity and depression of the market is also the performance of the industry’s evolutionary iteration. The so-called cold winter is the cyclical decline after the peak of the competition in the homogenization industry caused by the previous prosperity. In this megatrend, when all the participants fall back to the same starting line, the traditional dominant production relationship will become a disadvantage. At this time, only through innovation can it become a new engine of economic growth. It is precisely because of this that mastering such economic laws will also grasp the direction of layout and stable development.

3. In the overall ecological architecture and development planning of Baer Chain, RDSN: Redundant Distributed Storage Network architecture is a profound manifestation of this trend. The decentralized distributed network with the SH-DPoS consensus algorithm enables a plurality of individual storage nodes to form a network in an equal and cooperative manner.

The collaboration of market mechanisms allows each participant to focus on the work that he or she is best at, while at the same time collaborating to produce results with 1+1 far greater than 2. Because the computing power does not need to be consumed in unnecessary competition, RDSN can concentrate on the data access function as the cornerstone and vitality in the digital age, and provide reliable and stable hardware bearer for the overall ecology of the underlying public chain. Consensus produces value, and consensus comes from value — this is the right way to generate value in a long term and to gather consensus.

The market will not lie. Through the CREM mechanism, RDSN’s resources provide a large-scale supply and demand network that can spontaneously and dynamically adjust in a fair manner, and cooperate with DCC’s power network. Such a framework can satisfy everyone’s benefit, for unnecessary power competition is not needed, which not only avoids the tragedy of “warriors become evil dragons”, but also makes consensus/value become a benign cycle of both sides, proliferation, and value-added.

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