A 28 years old Singaporean overpaid by $2 million dollars for her new $658,000 condominium.

August 2016 — Imagine the wonderful moment when you’re newly married and the next moment, when you realized that you had overpaid by $2 million dollars for a property worth only $658,000. This was what happened to Adeline Tay Shu Ling, a 28 years old Singaporean working as a Senior Manager in Singtel.

Adeline claims that she is a first time homebuyer and has little time to do her research. Instead, she relies on her property agent to help her get her dream home. Unfortunately, the trusted property agent turns out to be the secret owner of the overpriced property that was being offloaded to her. Adeline is now thinking of pursuing legal actions to reverse the property purchase, which was completed end of last year.

Adeline only realize her mistake when she checked her new property’s valuation price using CrowdReport at CrowdTwo.com hoping that the valuation has increased, only to discover she had overpaid for her home by more than 3 times.

Her calls to the property agent went unanswered and shortly after, the mobile number was no longer in service. Adeline added that when she visited the property agent’s office, the people there informed her that this person had quit the industry and went overseas.

“Even my relationship with my husband was badly strained and we hardly talk nowadays. We are considering a divorce.”, Adeline added, “If only I had done my homework and find out the price of the property before making the purchase, I wouldn’t have been in this situation. Perhaps if I have never heard of CrowdTwo.com and remain ignorant, life would have been much more blissful for me.”

Source: http://www.straitstimes.com