How to Earn Money Online Singapore — 14 Serious Ways to Make Money Online

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Sep 15, 2019 · 15 min read
how to earn money online singapore image
how to earn money online singapore image

Today, everyone wants to learn how to earn money online Singapore. Here are 14 ways on how to make money online. Please check it out.

Employee preferences are changing and the balance between work and private life is becoming increasingly important. Two major benefits of making money online are the flexibility that such a work arrangement offers and location independence since working from a computer does not require a specific location.

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In this article, we clarify the most common and successful ways to make money online.

How to Earn Money Online Singapore — Make Money Now!

1. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

EARNINGS: 1000–10,000 per MONTH


LEARNING CURVE: 2–3 months (up to 1+ years to earn 1–2k)

Affiliate marketing is a commonly used term nowadays. With affiliate marketing, you can make money online by recommending certain products. You receive a commission for every purchase that a customer makes through your recommendation.

To be successful with affiliate marketing, a number of important points must be emphasized.

- You need a large and authentic audience that is interested in your niche.

- High-quality and honest content is necessary.

For example, if you over-promote the products with the highest commission, your readers will soon realize that you only want to make money quickly. It is very important to always remain objective and transparent. This is the only way to win and maintain the confidence of your readers.

As a first step, look for a niche that you are as familiar as possible with and sufficient background information about. A niche with little competition is often an interesting choice because it is easier to stand out and you can reach more people in this way. It is important to always respond to user searches. So pay sufficient attention to the search results in Google and the questions asked about your niche by people on the internet.

Once you have formed a clear picture of the problems that users experience, you focus on designing a suitable solution that has added value for the visitor. If you apply these principles and methods, you will be guaranteed to be successful.

Once you have found your niche, sign up for affiliate programs and use the affiliate links to recommend products. Amazon, for example, offers one of the largest product distribution partner programs. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online in the long run.

2. Photography

EARNINGS: 100–500 per MONTH

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Beginner-Advanced

LEARNING CURVE: 1–2 months

If you are good at photography and you take high-quality photos, you can sell your work to various photo databases and earn money online. If your photos have something unique to offer and you can, therefore, stand out from the competition, this can be a good extra income. Some of the best-known photo databases are Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Dreamstime or Fotolia.

Shutterstock can be a very good source of passive income when you post your photos on the platform. Moreover, they have very good customer support and a user-friendly website. Be sure to take a look if you are interested in making money with photography.

3. Sell ​​your Products Online via E-Commerce (Webshop)

EARNINGS: 10,000+ per YEAR

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Beginner-Advanced


If you can find a suitable niche and know-how to offer quality products that people are looking for, this is an option with a lot of potentials. Note: the supply is crucial. Don’t compete with the price, but convince with the added value of your products. If you sell unique home-made products, it is very difficult to compete with you because of the specific nature of your product. That way you can sell your own goods and make money online. Also, don’t forget to spend enough time optimizing your web store for search engines. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ensures that you get customers through search engines such as Google.

The most famous platform to host a webshop is Shopify. With Kun-winning customer support and the most user-friendly interface, they are the favorite platform of many webshop owners.

how to make money online in singapore image
how to make money online in singapore image

4. Computer programming

EARNINGS: 50–200+ per HOUR

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Advanced — Expert

LEARNING CURVE: 6–12 months

Developers are very popular these days. If you have programming skills, it is relatively easy to work remotely and make money online. Learning to program is undoubtedly a good investment of your time.

There is now a high demand for programmers for the development of apps for Android and iOS devices. With a high added value and appropriate marketing, you can earn a lot of money with this.

Another niche is the development of themes and plug-ins for various CMS systems such as WordPress. Users like to personalize their websites with plug-ins. If you develop a useful plug-in or theme, you can distribute it through platforms such as Themeforest or Envato. Also, don’t forget to maintain and improve your product. Without support and updates, users switch to their competitors.

4. Earn Money Online through Sale of E-Books

EARNINGS: 5–100+ per PIECE

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Beginner-Advanced

LEARNING CURVE: 6–12 months

Copy Internet millionaire Ewen Chia’s $10K a month internet business

Choose a specific subject and niche for your E-book. This ensures that you distinguish yourself from the competition. Think of a good title, some subtitles and start writing. Your E-book certainly does not have to be a novel. A good guideline is between 10,000 and 15,000 words.

If you offer another form of online service (coaching, video training, etc), then an E-book can be used as a means to get acquainted with your service and to give something (free) to your potential customer.

Udemy is a good platform for offering your e-books and online courses. Here you can offer and learn all kinds of skills and information products.

6. Make Money Online with YouTube

EARNINGS: 800–1500+ per MONTH (with 20,000+ views per day)

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Beginner — Expert

LEARNING CURVE: 6–12 months

You receive $1 for 1000 views. This is income from advertising revenue for publishers. So you have to publish a lot of high-quality content to earn enough money online.

Enabling YouTube advertisements can become a partner. However, you must meet a number of requirements for this. You must have at least 4000 hours of watch time in the past year, at least 1,000 subscribers and a Google Adsense account.

As you publish more videos, you build an audience that you can interact with and communicate with. This audience — if your material is of high quality — will continue to grow until you eventually have a strong number of followers who visit your channel on a regular basis.

As with other online business models, the following also applies: find your niche and offer excellent content. Certain extra skills are very important at YouTube. The video production, sympathy and a confident look are of great importance.

Another attractive form of making money via YouTube is the so-called product placement. You advertise relevant products from your niche in your video. You conclude an advertising contract with your customers and offer space for advertising. Make sure that the products offered really add value. Useless or inadequate products will only upset your audience and ensure that they are unlikely to return.

Affiliate marketing, branding, donations and the sale of merchandise are also options for making money online with YouTube.

7. Blog — Write High-Quality Content

EARNINGS: 1000–3000+ per MONTH

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Beginner — Expert

LEARNING CURVE: 6–12 months

Good content with added value can be a major source of income. Popular topics are travel, beauty and fashion, makeup, health and making money.

On some websites, you will often find banners with advertisements. In fact, this is good. The advertising revenue helps the websites to cover the costs of creating the content. If you have a large audience (at least 10,000 visitors per month), you can use Google AdSense to further promote your website.

How much money do you earn with AdSense? That depends on various factors. Google pays back 68% of revenue to publishers. You will only be paid if a reader clicks on the advertisement. The price per click varies greatly and is determined by an auction.

To help you better understand this concept, here is a practical example:

If the click on the advertisement is worth 1 dollar, you as a publisher will be paid 0.68 cents by advertisers who are active in the Google Display Network. Google saves the remaining 32 cents as a profit. This remaining amount is then paid to you by advertisers running active campaigns on the Google Display Network.

Another option is to use affiliate marketing on your blog or blogging for companies. Many entrepreneurs are interested in good and attractively written content.

8. Social Media Management

EARNINGS: 2500–4000+ per MONTH

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Advanced — Expert

LEARNING CURVE: 6–12 months

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest are all social media platforms with millions of users. Today it is important that companies are also active on these platforms. Customers are more likely to switch to the competition if there are no company social media. It is a very good way to interact with customers and the use of social media for companies has increased enormously in recent years. It is often not easy to answer all questions and complaints correctly and on time so that the image of the company does not come under pressure. This is where social media managers come into play.

If you have very good communication skills, you can help companies manage their social media. You will then be hired as a Social Media Manager. You can do this both as an employee and privately (by setting up your own agency). The aim is to improve the public image of the company and to ensure the necessary customer support. Social media is generally a very good way to make money online.

9. Make Money Online with Facebook

EARNINGS: 1200–1800+ per MONTH

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Beginner — Expert

LEARNING CURVE: 2–6 months

Some people think that Facebook is completely written off in 2019, but that is absolutely not the case. The platform has more than 2.3 billion monthly users and therefore a huge potential.

There are different ways to make money on Facebook. Below the most common ways:

a. Make money with your own Facebook page

When you create a Facebook page and share valuable content, this can be a good way to generate income through Facebook. This is a page that has the necessary reach within a certain target group. For example, think of a page where you come across funny memes. If such a page has a lot of likes (at least 10,000) and an active reach (many people like, respond and share) you can earn money by placing sponsored content that is relevant to the target group.

To give an indication, for a sponsored post on a page with 10,000 likes, companies are willing to deposit around 100 dollars.

b. Make money with your own Facebook group

With your own Facebook group you can generate income in two ways:

If your group is large enough and has a high engagement rate, you can ask for a nice sponsored post.

A second way is to offer valuable content to the Facebook group and to offer your own service or product over time. Once you have built a loyal audience and community, you can then continue to offer value by promoting your own material, such as coaching, consulting, video training, or another form of product or service.

c. Make money on Facebook with affiliate marketing

When you use affiliate marketing you place links to products or services of companies with an affiliate program. Just Google affiliate program. When someone from your audience clicks on that link and buys the product, you will receive a commission for it and you will earn money. You can place these links on your Facebook page or in a Facebook group.

Note: It is important that you register online for the affiliate program in order to be able to correctly track visitors and receive your reimbursement.

d. Post Facebook ads for companies

If you are interested in marketing and advertising, Facebook marketing can be a good way to make money online with Facebook. You then design ads against payment (or commission-based) for companies.

Creating a good Facebook advertisement requires some practice. You will see that as you gain more experience, your conversion rate per invested dollar increases (the number of people who click on your ad and make a purchase). This is a valuable skill for which companies want to pay a lot of money.

10. Instagram

EARNINGS: 50–250+ per POST

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Advanced — Expert

LEARNING CURVE: 2–6 months

Instagram is hot. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram today has more than 1 billion users and is currently growing more than 5% per quarter. This means that 1 in 3 internet users actively uses the platform. Instagram is, therefore, a potential gold mine for people who want to make money online.

As with Facebook, there are different strategies to generate income:

Influencer. Hereby you build a personal brand and let companies pay for sponsored posts. This can easily be combined with vlogging on YouTube, for example. You can earn up to $250 + per post.

Affiliate Marketing. Just like with Facebook, you can promote affiliate products through your Instagram account.

Own service and/or product. Finally, you can use your Instagram account to sell your own service and/or product. This can be very lucrative if you have built up a loyal and specific audience that is interested in your material.

The most important thing is that you build followers and a loyal audience. The more specific and larger your audience, the more money it is worth for you and companies.

11. Online Marketing, SEO and SEA

EARNINGS: 2000–4000+ per MONTH

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Advanced — Expert

LEARNING CURVE: 3–6 months

Another way to make money online is online marketing. People often specialize in a specific area such as SEO (search engine optimization) or SEA (search engine advertising). The goal of online marketing is to appeal to the right target group and to guide the customer through various marketing tools.

Recent research shows that all major webshops in Singapore miss out on great SEO opportunities. So there is a lot of potential for people like you who want to make money on the internet.

To become a true expert, a lot of study and experience is necessary. So start early by studying all the necessary material. It is also advisable to find a mentor with a solid dose of experience who can guide you and answer your questions. Depending on the customer, this task can also be performed at 100% online.

12. Sell ​​Products via Amazon

EARNINGS: 800–7000+ per MONTH

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Advanced — Expert

LEARNING CURVE: 3–6 months

You undoubtedly know Amazon, the largest online webshop in the world. Amazon is a platform designed to offer users the most pleasant buying experience possible. Customers are generally very inclined to make a purchase when they visit Amazon. You can offer your own product and thus earn money online.

Will you earn $7,000 + per month when you are just starting out? Of course not. If you earn 5 dollars in the first month you can already praise yourself happily. However, as you learn, grow, create more sites and write more content, it is certainly possible to achieve a high income with Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon itself pays a percentage commission for each product based on the category in which the product is located:

3% for toys.

5.5% for outdoor products and tools.

7% for clothing, jewelry, luggage, and accessories.

8% for furniture, home improvement, products for pets and pantry.

You will therefore not be able to keep the full price of the product to yourself. However, you can take full advantage of and use the platform. An interesting deal, since you yourself have to spend less time developing an online store and marketing is also done for you.

Your Amazon products may also appear faster in Google search results than when you open your own online store. You, therefore, have to spend less time promoting your products through Google. This can save you a lot of work.

Of course, a good strategy must also be applied here. The competition is huge. It is important to stand out and offer something unique. So try to sell your own brands as much as possible. Design a useful product that does not yet exist or an existing product that you can improve.

It is extremely important that there is a demand for this product. You cannot sell anything that people are not looking for. Therefore, do sufficient market research in advance (for example via Google Trends ), before you decide which product you will sell! Only in this way can you be sure that users will want to buy your goods.

13. Translate online

EARNINGS: 3–12 cents per WORD

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Advanced — Expert

LEARNING CURVE: 3–6 months

Are you good with languages ​​and would you like to work from home? Then make money with online translation is definitely worth considering. You can search for assignments and advertise yourself on platforms such as Upwork and Gengo. The first and most difficult step is finding customers. You will have to invest sufficient time and energy in this. Large assignments or recurring assignments are by far the easiest because you don’t have to search for new customers all the time.

How much does it earn money online?

Most ‘translators’ use a price per word. This is the easiest method to calculate the price of a translation for the customer.

Exactly how much you earn per word depends on the language you translate. On average you can request between 8 and 12 cents per word online. For the translation of an average blog text of 1000 words, you will, therefore, receive roughly 100 dollars. But when you start translating a book (the average novel is 55,000 words) you will soon earn 5000, — dollars. That is why large or recurring assignments are often more interesting than small tasks here and there.

14. Online Coaching

EARNINGS: 1000–10,000 per MONTH

DIFFICULTY GRADE: Advanced — Expert

LEARNING CURVE: 3–6 months

With online coaching, you can earn money online. Life coaching and business coaching are particularly popular. You offer your services online for a fee and help people achieve their personal or business goals. You can do this through 1–1 coaching (Skype, chat, etc), but also via webinars and online video training ( Zoom is a very good application for this type of service).

It is important that you build up certain expertise that can give value to your customers. Mental well-being, relationships, mindset, and healthy habits are some of the wide range of topics that you can deal with as a coach.

To give an example: Suppose, for example, that in your life you often struggled to look at things in a positive way, or have struggled with addiction or relationship problems, and that you have learned to tackle and solve this problem yourself over time, you can also help someone who runs into the same problems.

Depending on your knowledge, experience, expertise, and number of customers, as well as the industry in which you operate, you can earn 1000 to more than 10,000 dollars per month. For high ticket business coaching, for example, you can request a very high fee if your quality is reflected in your portfolio.


Making money online does not have to be an unreachable dream: it is very feasible to generate an income via the internet. The above tips can serve as inspiration. You are completely free in which route you choose.

With online earnings, you can also benefit from more independence and flexibility.

Think about what your strengths are. There is a chance that there is a demand for your products or services. Do sufficient market research and evaluate your options. View portals such as Upwork or Fiverr and try to get in touch with companies via e-mail or telephone and make a request.

Keep in mind: all beginnings are difficult. But if you are consistent, have a smart approach and keep going, anything is possible.

Moreover, if you have enough money in the bank, the risk of borrowing money from the bank is much smaller. That way you can raise external capital to make your project or business grow even more. After you have earned a lot of money, consider investing this money to make even more money.

This article contains affiliate links, if a transaction should take place through one of the affiliate links, the author may receive a commission from the “seller” at no extra cost to you.

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