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Checking out home tuition rates in Singapore for Primary, Sec, JC, IB, and others in 2020? Experienced tutors can be found at the most reasonably priced rates at a private tuition agency like TuitionDomain.Com!

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Factors which cause the Variation of Private Home Tuition Rates

The private tuition rate varies from a part-time, full-time tutor and ex/current MOE teacher. It functions as a guide.

The exact private tuition rate is different based on the following criteria:

1. Teaching experience and qualification of the tutors.

2. The number of subjects. 1 or 2 subjects being tutored.
Should you be asking for one subject, such as Mathematics, it’s rather a challenging subject and skilled experienced tutors will request a higher tuition rate. Certain tutors expect to have a different fee for two or three subjects, however, the marketplace is quite transparent and competitive. The aforementioned tuition rates are for your basic guidelines.

3. The level of the students. Secondary school rates are higher than in primary school rates.

4. Location of the student’s home.
It is quite time-consuming traveling ‘to and back’ to your location by the tutor. Certain tutors are able to take lower tuition prices if they reside nearby your place and don’t mind to accept the tuition assignments.

5. Part-time and Full-time tutor
A part-time tutor has a day job and so is busy during work hours. Also, the employment position that each hangs on to can be in a different industry or discipline. A part-time tutor can be acquired for lessons usually on Saturdays and Sundays, and from 6 pm onwards in weekday’s evenings. They’re a lot more prepared to take slightly lower tuition fees for pupils.
Full-time tutors make their living by teaching students. They travel around from one pupil’s house to the next house to offer private tuition. The knowledgeable full-time tutor is capable of identifying every pupil’s weak points and the problem confronted by them. They tend to be well-versed in the syllabus because they have coached the exact same subject areas with various pupils. The full-time tutors tend not to waste time throughout the lesson given that they have to finish the session in a timely manner. They have to travel to the next pupil’s house on time for in-home tuition.

Tips on how to select a Private Home tutor

There are 3 groups of tutors that you can choose…

A) Ex and Current MOE Teachers.

This group of tutor consists of:
1. Teachers who’re presently teaching in government schools and
2. Ex-teachers who’ve quit MOE to offer full-time private tuition.

All of them are nevertheless, certified by the NIE (National Institute of Education), in which they acquire a Diploma in Education to teach either primary, secondary, and junior college levels. Every one of them possesses no less than three years of teaching experience in a government school. This group of educators is considered the most well-versed in the existing MOE curriculum and they are generally expert teachers certified to offer a great learning experience.

B) Full-time tutors

Full time graduated tutors provide long-term commitment and a higher-level of scheduling versatility. Most of the tutors in this group commenced providing home tuition during their undergraduate days, therefore getting near to 4–5 years of experience at least.

C) Undergraduate Tutors:

Undergraduates are classified as the most youthful group of tutors! They’re students presently studying in the Universities and offer tuition in their free time. For that reason, they’re almost certainly going to create a stronger connection with your kid because of the smaller age-gap. They often times give a source of role-modeling that imbues in learners the inspiration to learn hard and attain academic excellence.

You can let the tuition agency knows what kind of tutor you require, and they will source and locate the ideal private tutor for you. You can also request to interview the tutor on the phone before you accept any candidates.

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Top Ten Benefits Associated With Home Tuition

In the competitive world of the present day, every single student has to do well in their school in order to shine later in life. However, these days, many leading institutions are not able to offer personal care to their pupils.

Each and every pupil takes a different approach, which includes their capabilities to learn. Certain pupils are able to fully grasp their lessons fast, and some pupils require additional support to learn efficiently.

For that reason, private tuition or house tuition is often essential to acquire a high-quality education. Many dads and moms are actually employing the most effective tutor for their kids to help in their school work.

Here I talk about the important Ten advantages of receiving home tutoring.

1. Receive tuition anytime you like

The great benefit of home teaching is the comfort and ease for the pupil. Education and learning arrive at your home, no requirement to devote time and energy visiting learning centers.

Along with home tutoring, pupils are able to learn at their own convenience. It provides you with the flexibility to choose your selected days and time for acquiring tuition. Pupils are also able to talk to their tutor concerning the tuition location, days, and time.

2. Alternatives for pre-learning

Private tuition offers pupils the chance to learn a topic or principle prior to it being taught in class. During this process, the school teachers can help pupils to revise their subjects, and inject self-confidence in them. Utilizing this type of learning model, learning any kind of topic will become really easy. Pupils can rapidly learn their subjects that can also boost their overall performance. The benefit of this approach is that it results in a better image of the scholar within his group of friends and among the educators because he has already been updated with all of their school work.

3. In-depth feedback

A solution to any particular question has numerous aspects and requires appropriate advice to write down the right answer. In a class or perhaps any kind of standard learning center, an educator may skip out important detailed aspects. Because of the time period limit, a school teacher is often not able to correct all the flawed areas of every pupil. Private tuition aids the learner to correct or analyze answers at each and every step. The tutor provides in-depth useful feedback to pupils, which also encourages them to further improve and perform better the very next time.

4. Receive individualized attention

It is not possible for school teachers to take care of each and every student, which leads to your kids not understanding a concept acutely. Private tuition offers an assurance that the tutor’s primary focus is completely on your kids and his problems. Another good thing about 1 on 1 tuition is that it is less constrained in comparison with any kind of traditional learning center or the school.

5. Improvement in the performance

When a pupil is weak in any specific topic, he then requires undivided attention from the teacher to enhance performance. It is not possible at all in school. Using private tuition, students will get special focus from the educator and commit additional time to that particular topic. A private tutor isn’t just for offering tuition on the subject matter, though. He can additionally be a mentor to the pupil, helping in developing better study skills and time management.

6. Learn better

Due to this face to face study approach, tutors will also be able to utilize brand new study techniques. The tutor will take additional care of their pupils as a way to provide quality education.

7. Positive setting

In a large classroom environment, pupils usually are reluctant to ask a teacher any question. The key reason is that they are not comfortable to speak out. However, with home tuition, it offers them the necessary confidence and freedom to express their ideas. Having a positive and reassuring setting is important for better learning.

8. Lesser interruptions

Pupils encounter lots of distractions in schools, educational institutions, learning centers as well as other public learning places. Private tuition provides a respite from all those interruptions, offering a suitable learning setting.

9. Receive tuition from the very best

Schools and standard learning centers don’t give you the opportunity to choose educators, which also has an effect on results directly. The main benefit of tuition is that you are able to pick the most effective tutor for your specific topic. Nowadays many home private tuition agencies can be employed as you pick the best tutor. It is essential since a great tutor can comprehend the student’s requirements and provide appropriate assistance.

10. Parents’ Involvement

Private tutoring offers the opportunity to examine a child’s advancement, monitor overall performance, and request recommendations for enhancement. Parents can easily check out if their kids have done their homework.

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When is tutoring necessary?

With tutoring, students can tackle school problems in a targeted manner. If they are not getting along in a certain subject, a tutor can assist them. Together they go through the questions from school again and deal with the solution path step by step. Thanks to professional tutoring, their grades will improve.

Home Tuition — When does it get serious?

Taking care of school problems is not only a matter of personal performance improvement but also a cost issue for the parents. Tutoring is usually very expensive. Therefore, students should carefully discuss with their parents when tutoring is necessary and useful.

The following points show typical scenarios where a student should consider accepting a tutor’s services.

If a student:

  • regularly have problems with one or more school subjects.
  • despite intensive learning, he/she can’t do the homework and classwork.
  • changed schools and now have to fill gaps in knowledge quickly.
  • were sick for a long time and also had to make up for a lack of knowledge.

Treat weaknesses openly and gain self-confidence. And be sure that the student is enriched by the experience of tutoring.

Tutoring in a group or individual lessons: advantages and disadvantages

Many parents wonder whether one-to-one or group tuition is the right form of tutoring for their child. Today we would like to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a group and individual lessons and give tips on what parents should pay attention to in both forms of tutoring.

1. Private tuition in the group

Group tuition is often offered by tutoring institutes and is usually cheaper than the private tuition. A plus point of group tutoring is that the students not only deepen the subject matter but also learn to work in groups. For many students, group work is more fun than learning alone. Another advantage: the students leave the private space behind and go to tutoring on fixed times as they go to school. This offers them a fixed structure and the distinction between private leisure and private tuition. The main disadvantage of group tutoring is that the teachers cannot respond individually to the needs of the pupils, which is particularly disadvantageous in the case of severe knowledge deficits.

When registering for group tuition, parents should pay attention to the size of the learning groups. When registering with tutoring institutes, parents should make sure that the teaching staff is pedagogically qualified. In addition, they should inquire about termination options.

2. Private tutoring

One-to-one tuition is probably the most frequently chosen type of tutoring. The particular advantage of one-to-one tuition is that the tutor can fully adapt to the needs of the individual student. For example, he can find out which type of learning the student is and design the lessons accordingly. Students with particularly large deficits can be explained important topics in detail without boring or overwhelming other students. One-to-one tuition is particularly useful when the student is rather inhibited in large groups and does not dare to ask questions. One disadvantage of one-to-one tuition is that a lot depends on the relationship between the tutor and the student. If this “chemistry” does not exist, the teacher is very difficult to motivate the student to learn.

When taking private lessons, parents should make sure that the tutor is at least two years older than the child. Private tutors who are only one grade up are usually not considered an authority by their tutoring students.

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How much tutoring is necessary?

How many additional hours per week should a student invest in tutoring and how long should the lessons be taken? These questions will be examined in the following.

1. Number of hours per week

The pupil, the parents, and the teacher should agree on the number of weekly tutoring hours before the contract is concluded and depends on several factors. In order to clarify this important point, these questions could serve as a first basis.

  • How big is the student’s current knowledge gap that should be closed?
  • When is the next important exam date?
  • How expensive are the tutoring hours and how high is the budget on the part of the paying person (mostly the parents)

Based on the answers given, it can be decided how many hours per week the tutoring should be booked. The tutor’s recommendation is an important support in making this decision. It is based on the experience of how quickly the tutoring can be reflected on the student’s grades. In addition, the student must enjoy learning. The more “enforced”, the lower the learning success. Incidentally, one or two sessions of 90 minutes each are common. However, this can vary depending on the number of school subjects in which the tutoring is to be given.

2. The general contract length for tutoring

There is also no blanket answer to the length of a tutoring contract. This depends, on the one hand, on how much school material has to be taught, but also on the pupil himself. If he can quickly apply the additional learning skills, better grades can also be achieved relatively quickly. It varies from institute to institute or teacher to teacher and must be asked individually. However, a minimum term is often decided in advance. Since tuition is usually a continuous process, a term of one semester is not uncommon. This number is only a rough guide.

Improving grades through tutoring

Improving grades through tutoring is an ongoing issue for parents of school-age children. The first half of the school year is over. The half-year results are out and it is now time to think about how the students can best improve their grades. You can find the right tutor in your area via a reliable tuition agency.

  1. Grade improvement made easy

There are many different ways that students can improve their grades. The aim should be that the learner learns with joy and enthusiasm for the school subject. Improving grades through tutoring is sustainable and effective. The learning material will be worked on together with the tutor. The student can ask all his questions and approach the topic in a different way. Due to this intensive discussion, important facts remain.

It is advisable to use professional tutoring at this very moment. Qualified and inexpensive tutors help quickly and specifically to improve the grades. With the didactic and pedagogical know-how, it is possible for tutors to re-stimulate their personal drive for independent learning. In tutoring, they try to convey their passion for the subject to the students, as well as to point out new learning paths. So the pupils should quickly experience their first successes, which then also ensure that the grades improve.

2. Causes of poor grades

If the grades deteriorate in children, it is advisable to deal with the causes. It can be related to the personality of the student. For example, a student who is introverted will participate less orally in the classroom. If there is also technical uncertainty, this student will participate even less and will consequently be rated worse. School grades can also change when students are in puberty. Here the young adolescents often want to rebel against anything that doesn’t fit into their living environment and try to differentiate themselves.

3. Better grades through tutoring

If parents want to help their children improve their performance in certain subjects, then they think about the type of learning support the children need. Is it sufficient to use various online tutoring providers? Or is the personal tutoring, where your children can ask specific questions? It is important that the child feels comfortable with the tutoring and that the support makes learning more fun.

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Overview of successful tutoring concepts

There are many tutoring centers and home tutors, so the selection is not always easy. If you look around for tutoring lessons for your child, you will quickly ask yourself what a suitable teacher should be selected. In addition to individual sympathy, different experiences and approaches, there are some points that have proven themselves in the practice of successful tutoring concepts. The following list gives a brief overview:

  • The first step before the start of the tutoring session: determining the level of learning and identification of personal skills and level of development.
  • A trial lesson where students and teachers can get to know each other
  • Individual support for the student: tuition is adapted to the student’s pace and skills
  • Development of an individual support plan
  • Consideration of different types of learning and selection of individually suitable materials and tutoring methods
  • Understandable explanations without time pressure
  • Tutoring in subject-specific small learning groups or as individual lessons. The groups must not be too large so that each child can be supported individually and nobody is neglected.
  • Dedication and empathy of the tutor and a good relationship between student and teacher are important for the success of the tutoring hours.
  • Flexible regulations that take into account increased short-term needs
  • Progress is documented and further learning goals are aligned accordingly.

In addition to the pure improvement of grades in the tuition subject, tutoring lessons can pursue further goals that ensure sustainable success:

  • Develop self-confidence
  • Create motivation to learn
  • Promote self-learning
  • Take away fear from school and instead awaken joy in school and learning
  • Develop personal responsibility for learning and personal success
  • Not only closing current gaps but enabling long-term success: keyword “learn to learn”
  • Memory training and concentration improvement also help to work more effectively in other school subjects

A tutoring session should not only be selected based on cost and liking, but other factors should also be considered to ensure long-term success and effective student support.

You may visit the Tuition Domain to source for an effective and experienced home tutor.

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