Do everything that you can at Redang Beach in Malaysia

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Redang Beach in Malaysia

An opulent resort on an off-the-coast-island, with crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches and vivid coral reefs — This is what a dream vacation looks like for most of us, and that is what you get from the Redang Beach! Wish to go on a holiday? Here’s everything that you can do when you are in Pulau Redang Island, Malaysia.

Pulau Redang Beach is located on the eastern coast of Malaysia, about 320 km from Kuala Lumpur City. To reach the Redang beach, you can either take a flight which is easily the most convenient and fastest way to reach Redang, or you can take a bus for a more exciting journey, that will first take you to Kuala Terengganu, from where you can catch a ferry that will take you to the Redang Beach. You can check online tickets for buses on Redbus, one of the easy portal that I have used myself when I visited Kuala Lumpur.

The entire island of Pulau Redang largely consists of resorts which offer you packaged deals, with snorkeling, underwater sea diving and other activities included. It’s better to take one of these packaged deals as they are available at better prices. Activities in the water includes

1. Snorkeling

2. Scuba Diving

3. Turtle Watching

Survey a Shipwreck: Wreck diving! That is what it is. Just off the coast of Redang is a shipwreck near Marine Park, which was discovered recently. You can see part of the wreck from the beach, but exploring the depths and crevices is absolutely beguiling! Can’t wait to experience all these trilling activities, just plan your vacation and have a memorable one!

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