8 Skills That Make You A Chef (or Just About Any Other Biz Leader)
Chris Hill

This is a great piece, Chris. As you note in your title, this could pretty easily be applied to many other [less-delicious] fields of work/study.

I’ve been mulling over a question on this topic for a while –– how do you become a chef in the first place? That is, these behaviors are in many ways not exclusive to the literal leader of a kitchen. In order to become a chef, should a cook be modeling at the very least the potential for many of these behaviors and attributes? Weren’t these some of the attributes that made your current position possible?

Put another way: I love how you’ve outlined leadership here. Simple and concrete. But, in some ways, I think we’re doing ourselves a disservice by consistently tying leadership traits directly to leadership roles (e.g., chef, CEO). If we want more people to operate at a higher level, we should lay off acting like the bosses have a monolopy on leadership.

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