Reading List: A man called Ove

I just finished reading this book by Fredrick Backman. Gripping, funny and bloody adorable, it is an easy read. Stubborn, old Ove is no one’s darling. When I started the book my first reaction was genuine disgust for the guy, and I hoped to not turn out to be a man like Ove.

If you don’t want to read the book there is a movie out there and it is only 56 minutes long , I am pushing my wife to watch it because I know she doesn’t intend on reading the book.

One random observation. Saab — is a car company? I am not big on cars and the book is based in Sweden, still… shouldn’t I have at least heard of it? I googled it and here is what a Saab 900 looks like, ugly eh? I have to say, I googled through enough of Saab’s car pictures that I have begun to dig the vintage look. Saab is cool, just not sure what they put in their cars that Ove couldn’t shut up about it.

This year I am working towards reading 52 books in 52 weeks. This book is #17 and we’re in week 18. So far so good!