The beauty of African fabrics and dresses

Have you wondered why African fabrics became part of the global fashion industry? There few reasons to cite and the most common ones are they are of high quality, consist of beautiful embroidery designs, and the level of comfort is very high. The patterns and colours give the fabrics the much-needed boost, and people who have a sense of fashion cannot deny getting attracted towards it. This trend is the reason why African fabrics and dresses secured the considerable amount of place in the international market today. These days one can see the dominance of African fabrics with women and men as well as children are taking an interest in wearing the fabrics.

The wardrobes that are available in the market are beautifully designed and consisting of different unique patterns and colours depicting specific cultural significance.

History of African fabrics

Based on the available evidence or sources, the origin of the African fabrics goes long back to the first centuries. As per the research carried out, the earliest surviving African textiles were discovered. They were found at the archaeological site of Kissi in the northern Burkina Faso. Those textiles were made up of wool and animal hair having the plain weave pattern. Another discovery led to the finding of cloth and parchment fragments dating back to ninth century in Nigeria.

Even there are many kinds of cotton, and wool textiles consisted of shrouds, accessories and clothes that have been preserved in the caves of Mali which dates to the eleventh and thirteenth centuries. This evidence supports the fact that African fabrics have a long history and came into existence from the long past as part of a cultural tradition with necessity.

How have African fabrics become the part of the global fashion industry?

African fabrics have been making global waves because of its quality, comfort level and affordability as well. The fashion industry seems lacking flavor without the beautiful fabrics of African people. The dominance can be seen well, and one can find various garments coming up on the market that has been beautifully designed. The unique colours, designs of those wardrobes turn people more trendy and stylish.

Even these fabrics are the part of clothes that are commonly worn by various celebrities from around the world. There are many international events where one can spot artists, commoners and celebrities attending the events wearing those fashionable clothes made up of premium African fabrics.

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