How to Best Prepare for a Technical Interview?

Umesh Singh

There is no doubt that technical interviews can be a daunting task, no matter how experienced or niche expert you are. Whether you are pursuing a career in the field of technology, computer science, or engineering, you will have to go through rounds of technical interviews and complete them successfully to secure your spot for that job. We will discuss more how to face technical interview questions successfully further here, so make sure to read this article completely. Before we start, you must remember that employers will assess your technical as well as problem-solving skills by creating interview scenarios difficult, so you must be fully prepared to study and solve them on an immediate basis.

Here are a few expert tips which will help you exceptionally complete any technical interview round.

Do Proper Research

Proper analyzation and research of job description can be crucial for your technical interview success. A good job description will point out the required coding experience and soft skills which may be expected from the candidate by the recruiter. Note down the skills you are strong with and with whom you are weak. Improve those weak skills on your list before your interview date arrives. Also, go through the service or product details by overview in their company website. Getting the much-needed information about your potential recruiter will help you understand their expectation from your end. Do survey about various technical interview experiences related to your niche and go through potential technical interview questions as your big day preparation.

Prepare with Niche Content

You must invest ample time studying your niche content before the technical interview round. Invest 2–3 hours everyday at least for a month studying and practicing your core materials. Use the spaced repetition technique in which you have to study a small amount of information every day and review it the very next day before moving to the next chapter. Remember, don’t force yourself too hard. Take a day off every week to give your brain the much-needed rest. Focus on reviewing the fundamentals of your technical niche and how you can successfully implement them. Also, do practice on writing the coding areas that you lack confidence with. Try to understand the fundamentals behind every concept and memorize them, so that performing them on a technical interview could be easier for you.

Practice &Practice Again

The more practice you do, the better you get with your skills. Set a timer average to a technical interview length (45–60 minutes) for yourself to select and practice technical problems on the whiteboard or practically. Ask help from friends to help you with your practice communication. Let your friend evaluate how effectively you able to interact with potential recruiter or teammate. It may not be possible to answer every single question in your technical interview, so it’s better you must practice how to respond positively when you are unaware of the answer. Don’t lie, try to solve the scenario with your problem-solving skill and be confident with it.

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Umesh Singh

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Web developer from India having 6+ year experience

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