Technology and Police Brutality

The internet has revolutionized and helped society become more advance, allows humans to a greater database of information at the touch of their fingertips and has connected the world through digital means. Along with these positive benefits, there are repercussions that have endangered the ideals that we followed society by. We are constantly on our devices keeping up with the world but have lost connections with our loved ones and friends. The internet has also made the world safer because everything is now trackable, but there has been the introduction of cyber bullying. The internet is a very controversial issue that has helped mankind but has also introduced new threats.

The inclusion of a camera on mobile devices lets us take pictures and videos to post on Instagram and document real life events that may seem extraordinary. Social media has opened the eyes of many people showing them what is wrong with our world. The case of Eric Garner hits home for us New Yorkers because the people that we trust with our safety, are the ones who betrayed our trust and killed one of our own. Eric Garner was brutally assaulted by many officers and said, “Hold up, I can’t breathe”. These words were recorded by video and posted on social media, and before long this was a topic on social media. The students at BHSEC decided to protest and march out of school to show that all lives do matter.

The articles suggest that police brutality rates have stayed the same and video recording have not help reduce police brutality. One thing for certain is that video recordings have made police officers being filmed more aware of their actions. Even if video recordings have not help reduce police brutality, they have helped this topic become more widespread and known. There were many revolts and protest that have changed the system and as time progressed this issue will be of the past. Some precincts require police officers to wear camera that protect police officers as well as civilians.

I think that change is something that happens over time and video recordings and social media have are slowly taking a jab at police brutality and in the future, hopefully doesn’t exist. We see that Eric Garner and multiple cases be seen by the vast population and everyone is more aware of these issues.