WTFs per minute
WTFs per minute

We’ve all seen the above image being mentioned in the context of code quality. But what do we mean when we say that a particular piece of code is good or bad?

What is Code Quality & Why it matters?

Great authors are known for writing books that tell a clear, compelling story. They use tools like chapters, headings, and paragraphs to clearly organize their thoughts and painlessly guide their reader. A developer’s job is similar to that of an author, we simply use different jargon of namespaces, classes, and methods. …

AWS Lambda function has a timeout of 900 seconds which sometimes is not enough to finish tasks that take a longer time. In such cases, recursion is a technique that can be applied to solve the problem, provided the single task can be broken into sub-tasks. I am not talking about the recursion provided by the language, but recursion by re-invocation of the same lambda function with additional state for continuity of the task.

This can be accomplished by utilizing the context object’s method get_remaining_time_in_millis. This method returns the milliseconds left before the Lambda function execution will time out.


Kulbhushan Singhal

Developer, Machine Learning Novice

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