The Smartest Method To Quit Habits And Get Fit (Secret Revealed !!!)


So, in this blog i am not going to talk about fitness and also not about entrepreneurship. What i am going to talk about is habits and willpower that how they change our life so let’s dive into the story.

Imagine you are unfit ( i know feels bad but imagine for yourself)

What do you feel???

  1. Bad.
  2. Less energy.
  3. In need of help.
  4. uncool.
  5. And all other 100’s of bad things.

But what if you can change it !!

seems fine!!

So, let me continue the story that you are unfit and let’s say you make a choice to change yourself what would you do. I can tell you and also many of you can relate to my own story that whenever i start to change i think that we have to work for the full way and we have to get that 6 pack abs forever because we should always go full way so what i was doing was this things given below.

  1. Watching you tube to find perfect exercise.
  2. Some motivational videos so that it keeps me motivated.
  3. Some foolish advice from friends.

These were the things i was doing which in return takes my time and will power because all of us have more work to do so what happened was that i become more and more unfit which in return was drowning my energy down.

Then after some time i came watched a video i really don’t remember the name but due to this video i started to change and also my bad habits started to break.

So, the in video the lesson Taught was called PROGRESSIVE EXTREMISM on which i read for sometime and it really help me and it will help everyone who loves using mobile and loves to eat good food of KFC :) .

So, i find out the reason that why i was unhealthy and unfit for so long time and why i didn’t stop eating those things that were making me more unhealthy.

And the reason was that i was hating the procedure, the exercise and everything that was stopping me from eating my loved food.

Now, as you know what is the reason behind my eating problem and i am pretty sure that’s the reason for your eating shit also. So, i am already out of that situation let’s take you out from that situation.

To take you from that situation first let’s make you clear that what is PROGRESSIVE EXTREMISM : it is a simple method used by people who are smart want to make a change permanently.

So, this method tells to start at a very small level as in this para we are talking about fit so it would be best if i tell you the real way through PROGRESSIVE EXTREMISM can change you fitness permanently.


This means that if you want to get fit first start to stop eating things which are unhealthy but not very much connected to which means that means if you are starting your fitness journey first stop eating candy and then grow your will power so that you can stop eating sugar because somethings that you are eating is connected to you on a very deep-deep level and one of them is sugar which means that you are addicted to sugar and here is the fact that sugar is more addictive that cocaine. So, first leave candy and then after sometime stop eating sugar in this way gradually you will make your WILL POWER more and more powerful.


Believe me that you will get fit in some time and the best part is that you will not hate this journey because it will make you better day by day. Also, you can apply this technique in every other part of life which will ultimately make you more and more better.

Also, due to you are changing slowly but steadily and permanently this will open new doors in your life.


No problem if you want to go full into it but what happens is that if you start to sacrifice in one part of your life it affects other parts of your life very badly because our body then starts to work on a reward system which results in bad outcomes of hard work . For Example : if you are running for 30 minutes and haven’t run even for 1 minute in the previous months what will happen is that you mind starts to think that you have sacrificed for 30 minutes today so you need something and you take a shake which has 60 grams of sugar which results in calorie imbalance because you have burn 300 calories and you have taken in 600 calories but think for a minute here that you were following the PROGRESSIVE EXTREMISM method and you have decided to not drink any type of shake what will happen is that you already saved 600 calories without running a single minute.

So, clap for me because you can’t like here:) and more importantly share this with every friend who needs help in getting in shape smartly.