Best SEO Resource to Become a Successful Blogger 2019

Hi, Are you a blogger then SEO is very important if you want to get traffic for your Blog.

Seo Resource for blogger

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When I start my blogging journey I have zero knowledge about SEO. But gradually I have learned SEO. IF you are a blogger then don’t need to become an SEO expert but you need to learn SEO.

I hope you will know what is SEO and you know how t

Here are important sections that you need to learn in SEO. IF you want to become a successful blogger then cover all the things

· Learn Keyword Research

· Competition analyzing

· Building an Audience

· On page SEO

· Off Page SEO

· Revision

· Other Useful Resource

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is very important for any niche. It does not matter in which niche you are doing blogging but keyword Research is very necessary. There is three type of keyword intent.

Informational Keyword: In this user want to find information about the specific thing. “what is SEO”

Navigational Keyword: Search Performed to locate a specific website. Example “facebok”

Transactional Keyword: It is performed when User wants to Buy something. Example “buy iPhone x”

Next is finding the volume of a Query. There are many tools for keyword Research but I have found that ubbersuggest Is best If you want something free. I mean for example you have the Query “How to install WordPress”. You want to create an article about this topic then visit You will see something like this.


Then Enter your Query. Our Query is “How to install WordPress”. Enter in the input field and click on the Search Button.

ubbersuggest result

I mean you can find everything Search Volume. SEO Difficulty CPC. If you will scroll down you will find keyword Ideas. You will get a rough Idea that how many people searching this keyword per month. I will advise you to research your keyword before creating content.

Because maybe you create amazing content but if people are not searching then It will be a waste of time. So make sure do keyword research before creating content.

It not always important that you go with high volume keywords. You can go with low volume keyword if these keywords are Transactional Based. You can make money with affiliate marketing.

Using this tool you can also find competition. More competition means more time & efforts. Generally, more competition means you have to do more off page Seo

Competition analyzing

You know keyword research is always not necessary. Your competitors Already Research do that and they have created an article on that topic so why not you find that which keyword they are ranking.

For this purpose, you need a tool. You can use any Tool like Ahref, SemRush, Serpstat. Serpstat is the cheapest ($19/month). But this is your choice. Serpstat is the cheapest mean it does not have functionality like Ahref.

Every tool has a different user interface and different functionality. For this purpose, I will use Ahref. I just pick a random domain and here are the result.

Result produce by ahref

After entering domain Go to Top pages and change URL to the domain. Then It will show you the top pages. So using this you can find articles that get traffic and you can create new articles on that topic.

Building an Audience

See you should Never reply on the Single source of Traffic. Whatever it is Google, Facebook, etc. So you should build your audience. Audience Building is very important. No matter Either you are making money by ads, affiliate marketing or you have your own product. Building an Audience is very important.

Some people create a Facebook page. See Facebook is minimizing the Page organic Reach. I’m not saying that doesn’t create a Facebook page but it is not good as compared to an email list of push notification.

Next is the email listing? IF you are making money by affiliate marketing or you have your won product then email list is everything for you. You can use free service like Mail chimp {which is free up to 2000 thousand subscribers}.

Push notification is New as compare to above services. But It is really amazing. I will suggest you use IT is free push notification service. You can store unlimited contacts and send unlimited emails.

On page SEO

On Page, SEO means becoming a better writer. If you are a good writer then you know some of on-page SEO. Some important on-page SEO tips.

First of all, understand to user intent (I hope you have cover keyword research section). I mean you need to understand either user want information, want to buy something (looking for review or discount).

Make your content lengthy. Average content that rank number one in the Google as 2000 words. So make sure you create your article lengthy.

Recently backlinko analysis 1 million search result that they found that average content length is 1890 words.

content length

Use Heading Tags: Look nobody is going to Read your full content. But if you will using heading after every 300 or 500 words then It will you will engage your reader. One important Tip is you use long and emotional Sub-Heading.

Use catchy Title: See your Title is the main thing. If you create your Title attractive then more people click on it and you will get more ranking.

Use Images: images are very important. IF you are writing a how-to article then you should include images after every step. You use alt tag for every image and you can compress your images. But if you will not compress your images then It will slow down your website speed. You can use a website like to compress an image.

URL: Make sure you create short and SEO friendly URL. You include your target keyword and not make it longer than 5 words.

URL length that rank in the first position in Google

Include Social Sharing Button: See It is not Direct Ranking Signal but if affect your website SEO.

Boost Dwell Time: Make sure user spend more time on your site. If not then you will not rank in the google. I see some people they make lengthy content and nobody like to reading that content. You have to create actionable content.

Off Page SEO

Off Page Seo Means promotion. You can build links social sharing for anything done for promotion is known as then off page SEO.

Backlink Building: You can Do Guest posting for building backlinks. There are two times of Backlinks

· Do Follow Backlinks

· NoFollow Backlinks

To understand this you need to first understand what is domain authority. DA means the reputation of a domain. It is ranking for 0–100. For example, If a website has 43 DA and you will get a backlink from that site then It will pass domain authority to your website. If it is not a nofollow link but you are getting traffic then It will difficult for you.

Nofollow with no traffic has almost ZERO impact.

How can you build Links?

You can do guest posting.

You can send an Email. I mean for example if someone is linking to your competitor then you can create better content send an email to the person to link your content

You can build links by Infographics.

There are many methods to build links

Moving Man Method


You can Read this article by Backlinko about building links

Traffic: Suppose two websites are competing for a keyword. Both write awesome content then who will rank better. Which websites Get more traffic. So if you can generate traffic for your blog then It can help you to rank better. You can promote your content on facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc.


ok, you have done all the steps but still, you are not ranking then follow these steps. It will only work if you are getting at least 100/day traffic on your blog posts.

Go to Google analytics and find the average time, bounce rate.

FInding avg. Time on Page and bounce rate

Using Google Search Console Find your Page CTR.

finding ctr sing search console

If your average time is less than 3 minutes then you need to improve your article. you change introduction make content in more depth.

If your CTR is under 5% then you need to change the title. I already video how can you make the catchy title. (if you are getting 0- clicks then wait at least one month)

If you still not getting ranking then you need to do more off page SEO. Using tools like ahref you can find how many backlinks build for that page. You have to build backlinks too.

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I hope you have learned something new from this article. Don’t forget to clap.