Things beginners should learn (nay) know about Usability Testing in the startup environment.

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Part-1 of the series ‘Product For Beginners’

In this series, there will always be two sections:

  1. My learning — About my personal notes in crisp manner
  2. My test —About my journey of the test

Now I know, the ideal way is that I should have written about my test first and then my learning at the end.

The solution prepared during the Design sprint conducted by SDSLabs (IIT Roorkee) and Design Studio (IIT Roorkee) regarding the problems of e-rickshaws.

3 teams. 2 days. 1 problem to solve.

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A 2 days design sprint was conducted by SDSLabs IIT Roorkee and Design Studio IIT Roorkee, with a problem statement focusing on the unavailability of e-rickshaws in the campus.

The design process of Cerebro — IIT Roorkee’s in-house machine learning (ML) competition hosting platform.

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About Cerebro

A machine learning competitions hosting platform created for the students of IIT Roorkee where they can share the latest news, blogs, links to research papers and their approaches and can also practice or compete along with other students to work on their skills.

How it all started?

The idea started when there was an increasing number of ML enthusiasts on the campus. Suddenly there was a boom and students started learning different aspects of machine learning (ML) be it predictive learning, computer vision or NLP. For this growing community there started a lot of groups like Data Science Group (IIT Roorkee), Computer Vision and Language under ACM chapter IIT Roorkee and various paper discussion groups. …


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