Finding My Cup of Tea & Friends-Within Mind

Finding ‘that’ cupe of tea, PC:

That’s the irony of writing- So many thoughts, memories, ideas, incidents( and sometimes even songs!) run to your brain that you can’t filter which one to write- And when you do filter, there’s a fistfight between the ideas trying to dominate your immediate to be written first before the other- and then a novice or an average writer like me would give up on writing that piece of thought.

This is what has been happening to me since past couple of hours, until the moment I took this call in my mind that I’ll write whatever will come to my mind. In fact, if you take a second look at those thoughts fighting with each other, you’ll realize it’s like a race between sperms!- which idea comes first in the race for being transmitted from the nerves of your brain to the tips of your finger and take birth in any form of write-up in the real world.

And it’s completely unpredictable. For example, refer to the first half of the title of this article (the part after hyphen was added later). I am from India, and like many Indian millennials, not only am almost addicted to tea; I am addicted to the useless chit-chats and banter that goes along with it, especially with my college friends. And that’s what I actually intended to write in the first place- at least now the desired thoughts are aligning appropriately in my head!

A year back I moved to US to carve out an international career and since then I am literally craving for my dose of the quintessential combination of a hearty banter with a close friend over a cup of tea.

Of course, I have made new friends here and for sure there’s the slick cousin of tea more readily available here- ‘Coffee’ and yes the chic-elite nukkad of the US- ‘Starbucks’. Even though I do visit Starbucks with my new friends here and painfully shell out $4 for a ‘grande’ cappuccino ( the cheaper $1.5 black coffee doesn’t suit my Indian tastebuds) , it’s no where, no where close to the feeling, the aroma, the warmth that triggers the particular brain cell and makes you exclaim-”Aur saale kya chal reha hai life mein?” (implying: Hey bugger ! what’s new going on in life)- and the conversation that follows.

Ok! I just looked up at what I wrote and it seems like a twin pair of thoughts finally germinated- one which came from nowhere but helped me finally type-in random thoughts, and the other which I actually wanted to write. Hope it helps you in either penning down some thought or remembering your cup of tea (or the slick coffee!) with your best of friends.

Gone are those Days! PC: Flickr, Praveen Khanna

That’s it, thanks for reading!

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