Three things to do alone

The idea of being alone might seem peculiar to some, but being alone can be great fun. There is something very winning about someone confident with their own company.

1. Spend some time with just yourself

Just lock yourself for 10 minutes in a silent room and talk about all the good and bad things that happened in the day. Apologize to yourself for all the excuses you made for not working hard towards your dream. Don’t wait for someone else’s pep talk, reassure yourself for the things going awry and appreciate yourself for your achievement. Reveal your dirty secrets to yourself to lighten your burden from your mind. You are guaranteed to come out refreshed with a smile or even amused.

2. Plan a solo excursion

In the past young people below 20 used to fight in wars and rule as kings. We are getting a little too pusillanimous and it is incumbent that we come out of the reassuring comfort of our lives just to awake that beast in us. A trek with friends is a great way to spend that weekend, but have you ever considered doing it alone. You can feel all your fears and anxieties come to life when you are alone. You will come back realizing that most of your fears were false demons created by your mind playing tricks on you. If at all you mess things up, you will learn a lesson or two while tidying things up.

3. Observe yourself

When in parties or in meetings, we try to observe other people’s behavior. We study them, trying to become like them. While it is nice to imbibe good habits from others and improve yourself, it’s also important to discover the unique you hidden inside. As it often happens, we spend too little time on self-exploration that we become a hybrid of the people we are surrounded with. Just observe yourself in the quiet and try to set straight the things wrong with you. People will start observing you and try to be like you.

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