The power of “Words”

“Word can inspire and words can destroy. Choose your well” -Robin sharma

In my previous Article “How to be a Great Leader” I revealed many key values which makes a person great leader, strong understanding of Words is one of those key values. Uses of Words determines your personality and decency,if u don’t have grip on words it may be ruin your imagination and creativity.It may take your eager on peak or give you widespread apathy.

Let’s take a look how words work,,,,

*Spend and Invest- everyone is familiar with these words but most of people don’t understand difference.”Rich Dad poor Dad” in this book author says,how most of people spend money in fantasy of they are investing it.When u spend (time,money, energy, thought) in return you get stress, responsibility, anxiety, in spite of investment always gives you value,so think about it what are you doing or getting in same way.
*Honest and Right, when u come in a situation of taking decision, action, etc that time what matters most ,honesty or what would be right for success and beneficial in future,Leadership etiquette says concentrate on right not on honesty ,also many mythical stories has written on it
*Problem and Challenge- whatever you do you will get many unexpected obstacles and setbacks it happens with every human in same manner but only those people succeed who take it as challenge, when u say this is the problem for me it means you’re incapable but if u say this is challenge that time your inner power get provocation for fight, it work positively.
*Know and understand- finally I ask u ,what it is enough to know something or you need to understand very well. If you say I am interested in something ,might you don’t get that thing but ,if you committed for something no one can stop u to get that thing.

In your life it is important to arrange words in right sequence.Once in his speech Narendra Modi said a formula ,how to get succeed. It is

Make desire+Become steady+Be committed=Get succeed.

This formula have few words but it reflects very strong massage and impact on hearer it seems greater than a ordinary long preach.

Be mindful with your words once they are said they can be only forgiven or not forgotten, rise your word it will rise you.