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Jan 3, 2017 · 3 min read

One of the most versatile uses in a wide range of applications; is without any doubt, a free standing jib crane. Although small in size, the is an extremely powerful piece of lifting equipment. For the most part, jib cranes are fixed to a wall or a pillar and feature a horizontal boom (also called a jib), movable chain hoist, drum, wire ropes and chains. are easiest to install almost anywhere, including outside. A free standing jib crane offers higher capacities, longer spans, and greater rotation. Jib cranes consist of a load supporting boom, which is attached to a pivoting vertical column that is either or building mounted. A free standing jib crane is available in a variety of capacities and configurations and it even has motorized rotation.

Free Standing Jib Crane | Placing Under Large Bridge Cranes

They are perfect fit to be placed in underneath large , also in areas which are in open where they can accommodate several workstations, in applications which are mostly outdoor for example loading docks, or in machining operations and assembly operations where they can be easily overlapped with other jib cranes so that staged operations can be provided. Jib cranes are also used in industrial premises and on military vehicles. The jib may swing through an arc, to give additional lateral movement, or be fixed. Also, are used in shipyards for various purposes such as lifting equipment and heavy machinery, mostly weighing 100–300 tons. Usually, these cranes are provided with two main joint winches which can be either employed singly or together so that they can lift a load. Jib cranes with manufacturing facilities that usually have a capacity of up to 20 tons operating 50 to 100 cycles per hour. And are able to Lift at a height up to 30 meters or more.

Jib Cranes are Popular Choices for Purchasers

Free standing jib cranes are certainly one of the most popular choices for crane buyers who do not require a lifting function in every corner of their workshop. Jib cranes are suppliers to load lathes and other types of machinery that handle heavy loads, they are also recommended to be used when it comes to maintenance of applications.

More ever the jib crane is a favorite tool for photographers as well. The is especially versatile and can produce a multitude of unique effects. With a jib crane, the different possible camera effects are almost limitless. The very best part of using a jib crane for photography is that it gives a high production value for very little effort and a very reasonable cost. It’s extremely easy to set up and dismantle under very less time and doesn’t need any tools for assembly. When you’re finished with the use of the jib, the sections can be easily stored in bags and can easily be carried away to the desired place without any hassle.

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    Overhead crane also called bridge crane. The overhead crane is hung in the shop, warehouse and construction plant for lifting the cargos.

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