7 Signs You’re a Boss Single Mom

  1. Your kids are your moral compass. When you aren’t sure of yourself or the situation at hand, you think through the eyes of your child to help you make the best decision. How would you feel if it were one of your kids in the situation?

2. You learned to make the best decisions on the fly because being a parent leaves you no choice. You are comfortable with constantly changing plans.

3. You have your priorities in check. Managing work, raising your child and trying to do anything else in between must be balanced at all times.

4. You don’t deal with bullshit, nonsense or disrespect. You don’t get involved with drama or nonsense that you would not want your kids to be involved with. You also would not do something that could potentially make them look bad.

5. Quality time with your children es muy importante. You accept this bc unfortunately most of your week is spent at work. You may not get to spend the time you want with them, but make the time that you do have, count.

6. You hustle and work hard for your kids because providing for them with the best life you can give them is your #1 goal.

7. Being the BEST role model that you can be for your kids is crucial. You know that what they see at home and how you are, is what’s going to shape the way they become as well. Leading by example is the strongest way you can teach your children and instill the values in them that you feel are necessary in life.

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