Lynked: Subscription Service Manager App

Lynked: Subscription Service Manager

Ever gone to buy something online or cross a toll bridge and suddenly your method of payment fails you? It can be embarrasing and confusing as to why things are not going as expected. Is your account compromised or are you out of money?!?!

Take a breath, chances are you got a new credit card and just forgot to update the billing information on the company’s website. Don’t blame yourself its just one of a million things you have to remember these days.

Good news! There’s a new app that will help you stay on top of the subscription service game and it is called Lynked.

Lynked is a free iOS App that allows you to add all of your subscription services (think Amazon/Netflix or Toll Bridge/Utilities) and assign it to your card(s). If you replace your card simply tell Lynked and it will help you keep track of which service still need to be updated. Lynked will even help facilitate the process of updating each service.

Lynked can tell you when your next payment is due, how much it is for, and what type of service it is (Entertainment, Shopping, etc)

Lynked is free to download. Please give it a try and let us know what else you would like Lynked to do for you!