5 Reasons to choose single use dental instruments and never look back

The concept of single use dental instruments is relatively new in the dental industry and many aren’t aware of the savings and benefits of turning towards single use only. This is why I have detailed these reasons to give a better overview of exactly how these instruments will change your practice. It’s all very well urging dentists to use single use dental instruments because it’s a logical solution but that isn’t going to be enough to change entire processes. So here goes…

  1. Infection control is in your hands

By using single use instruments, you are ensuring that no cross-contamination can occur and protecting your patients from human error or sterilisation issues. By not exposing your patients to potential bacteria left on the reusable instruments you are creating a trusted environment, so your patients feel safe. Those higher risk patients can now safely have needed procedures without concerns.

2. Protecting you against autoclave failures

What if your autoclave breaks down or there is an error in the cycle? Having single use instruments would mean that you don’t have to cancel or postpone appointments but can continue to fulfil your daily commitments. It would cost you time and money to have to move patients so by having single use instruments this concern is removed. Relying on a machine 100% of the time can put you and your practice in a vulnerable situation.

3. Giving you the efficiency your practice needs

Time is precious in your practice; every minute is accounted for and often members of your practice are rushed off their feet with some having to double up roles. How often has your receptionist had to step in for the steri-nurse? Single use instruments cut out all the manual time of logging sterilisation cycles and time spent in the actual sterilisation room. Is your nurse taking her gloves off to go get more instruments? If you are using single use you have all the instruments there in the kit you need without needing to go get more.

4. Sharp instruments every single time

Have you found yourself pressing harder during a procedure and exerting more force than should be needed? That’s because reusable instruments get blunt over time. The obvious but important feature of having single use instruments is that they are sharp every time because they are only used once! Dull and blunt instruments are a thing of the past and so is overexerting during procedures. We’ve heard some feedback that single use instruments are really sharp, almost as though it is a shocking and unexpected fact, should it be that shocking or have we just gotten used to tired and blunt instruments?

5. They will be recycled

One reason many may choose not to use single use dental instruments is that it could be providing a waste problem and therefore be a detriment to the environment. We cannot speak for all disposable instruments but can assure our clients that all of our disposable instruments are recycled. We want to ensure that we are providing a sustainable solution and not a problem. When disposing of the sharps the container is collected and then utilised in another product.

The Verdict

These are just some of the many reasons for choosing single use dental instruments for your patients. We hope that you have a better idea of exactly what you’re signing up for when transitioning over to disposables. Of course, none of this allows you to fully grasp the reality of using these instruments, that’s why I invite you to sign up for some free samples! Try the benefits for yourself and make your own decision on what works.