Explore the SOMESING meet-up

Outside of meet-up

On the evening of November 27th, the 1st meet-up of SOMESING was held at Jam2go near Gangnam Station, Seoul.

Over 200 people who wanted to know about SOMESING’s service and purpose attended.

Outside of meet-up

On the day of the meetup, there was a lecture by Mr. Oh Hyun-seok of Deblock, the icon accelerator company, and Mr. Choi Hee-won, the Associate Director of Pivotal Labs(Tokyo).

In the meet-up

Mr Kim Heui-Bae, CEO of SOMESING, introduced the philosophy and overall system of ‘SOMESING’ APP. He said “The philosophy and concept of user-centered social music service and user-centered content production and compensation system based on blockchain”

After the lecture, Q & A session [from left, Oh Hyun-seok(Deblock CEO), Yoon Hyun-keun(SOMESING COO), Kim Heui-bae(SOMESING CEO), Choi Hee-won(Pivotal Labs Tokyo Associate Director)]