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Jun 24, 2019 · 5 min read

A new creative team, including Mark Hamill as the voice of the killer doll, child’s play (2019). has taken over the franchise with mixed results

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N/A | N/A | N/A | 21 Jun 2019.
“A mother gives her son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.”

Director: Lars Klevberg.
Writer: Don Mancini (based on characters created by), Tyler Burton Smith (screenplay).
Stars: Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, Tim Matheson, Gabriel Bateman.
Country: USA.
IMDB ID: tt8663516.
IMDB Rating: N/A.
Metascore: N/A.
Language: English.
Production Co: N/A.
Website: N/A.


Disowned by the franchise’s original creator/writer, Don Mancini, this playful reboot of the 1988 horror comedy relaunches the Chucky series, gently twisting its central conceit to reflect more contemporary anxieties. In the original Child’s Play, the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray animated the murderous doll; child’s play (2019). in this version, a beleaguered factory worker in Vietnam deliberately removes the safety protocols and violence prohibitors of a “Buddi” doll after being fired by the fictional Kaslan corporation. Like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, Buddi is an artificially intelligent, voice-controlled toy, designed to sync with all Kaslan products; immediately, the film seems to warn against technological integration, lest our devices turn on us.child’s play (2019)…

The tampered-with Buddi (who goes by the name of Chucky and is voiced by Mark Hamill) ends up in the arms of Gabriel Bateman’s lonely pre-teen Andy (it’s not lost on me that he shares the name with the custodian of another famous talking toy)child’s play (2019). “I am your best friend, I am your Buddi,” he coos and he is; the two develop a prankish relationship until Chucky picks up a few ideas while watching a horror movie marathon.child’s play (2019). There are some gory moments (a man’s leg is sliced, the flesh falling off like meat from a rotisserie, and a sleazy character has a grisly encounter with a lawnmower), but the film child’s play (2019). extracts more laughs than genuine scares.

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Watch Child’s Play Online — Making his return to the big screen once more with the arrival of a Child’s Play reboot this June, the horror icon first stabbed his way to cult classic status back in the ‘80s.
Fast forward to 2019 and this time round, the controversy has nothing to do with the film’s violent scenes. In fact, the drama continues off screen, having started back when the idea of a reboot was first discussed. Watch Child’s Play (2019) : Full Movie Streaming Online! Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Thriller Companies: Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures Release: 2019–05–29 Duration: 132 min Quality: HD

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In new release news that isn’t Toy Story 4 ($47.4 million on Friday for a likely over/under $125 million debut), Orion and United Artists Releasing’s Child’s Play remake carved up a solid $6.1033 million on Friday. That positions the much-discussed and much-debated horror remake for a $15 million opening weekend. That’s slightly larger than the inflation-adjusted opening of Child’s Play ($6.5 million in 1988/$14.5 million adjusted) but slightly behind the adjusted $22 million debuts for Bride of Chucky ($11.8 million in 1998) and Child’s Play 2 ($10.7 million in 1990).

Much of the conversation concerning the R-rated and $10 million-budgeted slasher flick was the odd notion of a studio remaking a popular horror film while the initial franchise was still alive and somewhat well. Series creator Don Mancini has been vocally displeased with the remake, although he has a Chucky TV show heading to SyFy that will continue the continuity where Cult of Chucky (the second of two surprisingly good direct-to-DVD sequels) left off. The good news is that this remake is both pretty good (color me shocked) and entirely different enough so as to not sandbag Mancini’s plans for the IP.

The short version is that the studio that released the first Child’s Play (Orion and MGM) did not release any of the sequels, so the owners of the first film can only exploit those rights by remaking the first film. Think of it as a Never Say Never Again situation, but this one goes out of its way to tell its own version of the core concept (young boy gets a popular doll for his birthday that goes rogue) in a way that works on its own terms. Whether corrupted AI is better than voodoo magic, I liked this Aubrey Plaza/Brian Tyree Henry/Gabriel Bateman/Mark Hamill horror comedy more than I expected to.

Also opening wide this weekend was Lionsgate’s Anna. The Luc Besson-directed (and written) action flick, about a young woman who becomes a KGB assassin in Cold War Russia and yearns to escape, was released under a cloud of controversy after Besson was accused of sexual assault after Lionsgate acquired the film. Released with no pre-release screenings and little-to-no media beyond trailers and TV spots here and there, the film’s $1.358 million opening day in 2,114 theaters is not exactly a surprise.

Truth be told, the movie is… fine? Sasha Luss is good enough as the title character, and Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy and Helen Mirren provide ample support. The plot is twisty, it looks like a $30 million picture with every penny on the screen, and the action sequences are relatively impressive. Of course, sans a star on the level of Scarlett Johansson (or Keanu Reeves), Anna was always going to be a tough sell even absent understandable controversies. The EuropaCorp/TF1 Films production, which received a B+ from Cinemascore, is going to earn around $3.71

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