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Jun 24, 2019 · 4 min read

Men in Black: International

There is no agent J (Will Smith) and agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) in Men in Black: International (hereinafter written International ). Although the two agents were attached to the image of Men In Black , International chose to present the figure of new agents. From the beginning, the film has made a frown. Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) and his mentor, High T (Liam Neeson) act against aliens at the Eiffel Tower. Their action was so fast and made me ask: they won right? The story continues with Molly’s childhood (Mandeiya Flory), 23 years earlier in Brooklyn. At that time he first met an alien and watched the MIB agent. That moment made Molly obsessed with aliens and space, even when she was an adult (played by Tessa Thompson). That strong interest finally really brought Molly to the MIB headquarters and brought him together with Agent O (Emma Thompson) who gave him his first mission. Molly’s hard work and obsession, called as Agent M, can be seen as a business of new workers who are in an adjustment period. There are just awkward behaviors that tickle. Kaku, looked at the technology at the MIB headquarters, but at the same time tried to look elegant and professional. Just like the previous MIB story, the common thread is the relationship between humans and aliens. In the International , there are allegations of betrayal, also the threat of a ferocious alien named Hive who can change his form to be like a human.

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International was directed by F. Gary Gray, after the previous prequel was done by Barry Sonnenfeld. This science fiction comedy is an adaptation of Marvel comics written by Lowell Cunningham. Gray is not a new name in Hollywood. Previously he directed Friday (1995) and eight franchise films The Fast and The Furious . 115 minutes long, International was released in the United States on June 14, 2019.

The duo Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth’s performances were the most awaited at MIB International. The chemistry of both of them who are very good at Thor: Ragnarok (2017) makes this Asgardian duet hard to forget. That was what the audience was waiting for and then presented again by International . Unfortunately, there is nothing new about the appearance of H and M, which sounds like a clothing store brand, except that they are indeed present in this film. The chemistry they have seems to be formed instantly as well as cliché. Agen M, who suffered Agent H’s charming smile, tried to work impressively so he could be deployed to the same mission in London. Both characters don’t have much time to get to know each other before the mission starts, so M is shocked to see H who is a little jerk, arrogant, and reckless. Agent M had time to wonder what caused H’s attitude. However, this part was left without any character development. Inevitably, the audience will compare M and H with its predecessor: Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) who were present in the first film, Men in Black (1997). These two iconic characters have plenty of time to get to know each other and talk about personal things while snacking on fries at the bar.

However, the agent duo at MIB offered bromance from the start . When the one shown is a male agent and a girl agent, be a cute meet . There was an interest between H and M when talking about romantic things, such as the film The Notebook . However, these things are certainly more interesting to witness in Thor: Ragnarok , because basically MIB agents are strictly forbidden to have personal life, let alone dating fellow agents. International does have the initiative to add a new touch here and there, such as presenting new actors who are known to have chemistry — unfortunately their chemistry in Thor: Ragnarok is too strong, sochemistry on International impressed mere patch, oust Gray on the bench director, and introduced a new threat. But, the end is just like that: an alien invasion can be thwarted with high-powered weapons. The same thing was done in the sequel to MIB II (2002), which was praised by the late Roger Ebert as a film that the audience could enjoy but was boring because it did not offer newness. Ebert’s statement may also apply to International which ended almost without any surprises. Just plain the old premise with new enemies. International tried to bring the chemistry of Thompson and Hemsworth, using many references from Thor: Ragnarok(seriously, what for?) I also wondered: is this how MIB feels about Thor? Or perhaps Agent H and Agent M were indeed sent from the universe Thor to become an ‘alien’ in MIB? However, International is a comedy action film. And the action and comedy also saved him from a number of problems. International jokes are apparently still as fresh as the predecessor’s films, including those sung by Kumail Nanjiani through Pawny’s character, an alien who served M after his master was killed. Other alien silliness like Vungus, the Worm Guys, and Frank The Pug have also succeeded in becoming International spices. But besides that, it’s mediocre and nothing interesting.

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