I HEADED TO MOON’S CAVE and hesitated at the entrance. Why? I didn’t know. Suntail came out and I almost jumped out of my pelt.

“You can go in,” He told me before he padded to his own cave.

I cautiously padded into the cave, I stopped about the middle and waited for Moon to talk, or motion me closer. It was a few moments before she said, “You know the truth, don’t you young pup?”

At first I was confused. Know the truth about what? Moon must have sensed my confusion since she then said, “About Star not being your father?”

Thats what this is about, I thought, then said, “So it’s true? Was I right. about who really is my father?”

Moon said nothing. That scared me. I looked at the ground as we sat in silence. Then Moon said so quietly that I thought I imagined it, “Yes, it’s true. And you were right, he is your father.” A few more breaths went by before she continued, “How you came to know this I don’t know, nor do I think I want to. Just promise me one thing, Light,” This was getting serious. “Promise me you won’t tell anyone about this. Promise me Light.” She sounded nervous, or scared. I couldn’t quite tell.

“Okay,” I told her. “I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

She sighed. “Especially about what I’m about to ask you.”

I stared at her in silence, waiting for the dreaded question.

“What did you see when you hit your head?”

There it was. I almost fell down when Moon had said these words. She knows. Was all I could think. How did she know? Did Shapeclaw tell her? To be honest, I was a bit scared about how she found out.

“Don’t be scared Light,” She said. “I can I only guess you saw something since you didn’t come around when Suntail nudged you and Dust was yelling for you.” I was breathing a little easier now. Shapeclaw didn’t tell her. And she’s just assuming so I could easily lie and say I wasn’t. Right? “There was only one explanation for that: you weren’t here. You had to. have been somewhere else.”

I nodded, but didn’t say anything. At least not until she said, “Who were you talking to? What did they say?”

Now I had a feeling she was onto me. Maybe she did know about Shapeclaw and wanted to hear it from me. I normally wouldn’t admit I was scared, but I couldn’t deny it when my paws were shaking, and about to give way. No way I was going go face plant in front of the first deputy.

I took a deep breath and said, “I was talking to Shapeclaw,” I surprised myself by how calm I was. And how easy the words came out. I just had to watch what I said and not let too much slip. “He was telling me…” I was hesitant to say the next part. If he had wanted Moon to know, wouldn’t he have told her himself? She gave me an encouraging nod. “He was telling me about how things were going to change.” I gave a sigh of relief.

Now that’s over. I thought. Well, that was my thought until Moon said, “Did he say what was coming? Or how to stop it once it arrived?” She was nervous. I could smell it and I was halfway across the cave.

“No and no,” I told her. “He didn’t mention anything else.” Other than the thing I should remember, but that’s for me to know. “The last thing he said was ‘I know you’ll make me proud.’ That’s what gave the suggestion that Star wasn’t my father.”

Moon nodded like she knew, when we both knew she didn’t have any clue. She told me to catch some sleep, and we might talk more in the morn with Suntail.

I headed back to the pup cave, slowly. Thinking and questioning myself if I really did tell Moon what Shapeclaw told me. Would he have wanted me to? Was that his plan? I tell Moon?

It was with these questions on my mind, that I fell into a deep sleep.

When I fell asleep, I found myself back in the place where I first met Shapeclaw. In the middle of the clearing, there he was. Standing there, as if he was waiting for me.

I ran over to him, “Shapeclaw!” I exclaimed. I nuzzled his neck, taking in his scent. A scent I now could place where it was from, he had watched Rose’s and my coming. “Please explain what’s going on? I need to know.”

“Hush, young one,” He told me. “I will explain all, but there’s one thing you need to know first. You can’t tell Moon anything else.” I was confused, What did he expect me to do? Lie to Moon? “I do expect you to lie when you must,” How did he know that’s what I was thinking? “I should have known she would question you. So far you haven’t said anything crucial, but you could.”

“I’m almost two moons,” I said. “I can barely make a difference,”

Shapeclaw chuckled lightly, “Yet, somehow, two young pups will change the packs as you know them.”

I was confused, “Is that what you meant by a change was coming?”

He nodded, “Remember what I told you. That will save the two pups. Now before you leave young one, remember this: ‘There will be one of Valley who will help and guide the young pups’ Think you can remember that?” I nod enthusiastically. “Good, until next time. Remember, it’s okay to lie if you must, but don’t get used to it. Bye, my daughter.”

This is the fourth chapter of my book, Shapeshifters. If you missed the previous chapters, the links are below.


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