Uh-oh — Dust


I WOKE AND couldn’t place what was different. Something was off, I knew it. I thought about the sun before. Light and I fighting because she wouldn’t tell me her secret. Well, it wasn’t like I didn’t have my secrets.

I feel like an idiot. I told myself. Light probably thinks I’m awful. Because of me, she ran off and I couldn’t find her.

I got up, stretched and padded out to looked around. I couldn’t see Light anywhere. Although, I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t run out of camp. She was smarter than that. I saw Rose and Thorn playing across camp. He walked over to them.

“Hey Dust,” Thorn happily greeted me. “How’s my brother?”

“I’m fine,” I told him. “Have you two seen Light? I haven’t seen her since last sun.”

They both shook their heads no, said a quick good luck and ran off. I spotted Moon and Goldendawn talking a little ways off and padded over to them.

“Dust,” Moon said. “I was wondering if you have seen Light? Goldendawn said she didn’t sleep in the pup den last moon.”

I shrugged. “I haven’t seen her since last sun, when we fought. I actually came to see if you’ve seen her, but since you haven’t I’ll keep looking,”

Goldendawn looked at me, tears in her eyes. “It’s going to be okay. Light’s smart and can handle herself. Besides you two so much like your fathers. Always got along until one day, they fought.” Some tears fell as she was telling me this. “No one heard from the two of them for a few moons. They came back and all was fine. Don’t worry, if Light is anything like her father, she won’t rest until she is home.”

I took comfort in knowing that she would be okay. I still didn’t know who her real father was, but I knew Star was probably related to her real father. I went out to find Star. I found him by the medicine den“Star?” I said. “I know your not Light’s real father, but can you tell me who is?”

“Dust,” He said calmly. “I can’t tell you that, and how you came to know that I’m not her real father I don’t really care. Know this though pup, stay out of what you don’t understandI nodded and went back the pup den. Suntail came up to me.

“Dust,” He started. “Do you have a moment?” I nodded. “Do you have any idea where Light would go? We caught her scent by the five pines this morn but couldn’t get anything off of it.”

Five pines? I thought. That’s where she went. “I don’t know,” I eventually told Suntail. “I haven’t seen her since last sun. I have the feeling that she’s missing.”

“I’ll start organizing a few small search groups,” Suntail told me. “We will find her. Do me a favor Dust and don’t tell anyone.”

I nodded and he padded away to organize the small search groups. We will find her. I tell myself over and over. Light, where are you?