How do we help each other when we’re at a distance?

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

My best friend and I used to get together to discuss our life problems. Has Covid-19 made this impossible?

My old friend Len, MD, PhD, wonders what’s to become of him. I hear the familiar existential crisis in his voice as we sip the foam from our hefty micro-brews. This is before the pandemic.

“My career is over. Disaster!” he explodes.

We’re in our early 60s and this is familiar territory for us. I make a gentle suggestion. “Is it time for a change?” I ask. “What would you rather be doing?”

Oops — he’s annoyed with my question. “This…

Scott Walker

Gay man, staring retirement in the face. You’ll most often see me writing or hiking. Have been a software engineer, a choir singer, a DJ. I dabble in piano.

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