3 Reasons Why You Need Compression for Running

Runners always try to lookout for that extra one or two percent improvement in their everyday training regime. Now, it’s time to try compression shirt and tights for training. Compression clothing helps you focus your muscles’ energy to generate maximum power and long-term endurance. Below are the three reasons why runners should wear compression apparel during training.

Reason #1
Compression gear isn’t an ordinary pair of spandex shirt and pants. They are made with highly engineered, elastic gradient compression fabric to mold around your body parts. Women’s and men’s compression shirt and tights support muscles and reduce muscle vibration in key areas, thus improving your posture while running.

Reason #2
Compression gear helps you run faster and recover faster. Compression clothing places greater pressure on the key muscles and increase your performance by enhancing your aerobic threshold and VO2max. , Just like football men’s jersey, this type of garment helps your body expel sweat away, and in turn, improve muscle efficiency. It gives you more power and you feel less fatigue. A research study has shown that runners who wore compression apparel experience less soreness and felt more recovered than those who did not.

Reason #3
Compression clothing helps you prepare your body for the change in temperature with changing seasons. The fluctuating temperatures cause you to strain or pull a muscle. Men’s compression shirt and tights will keep your muscles protected from potential muscle strains. Compression clothing’s material promotes healthy blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, thus reducing strains and soreness.

Supplement your training regime and running practice with the right compression gear to perform better, run further and recover faster. Unlike men’s football jersey or other types of athletic gear, when you shop for compression apparel, remember to buy one that fits your body’s circumference, not simply by size chart.

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