Smart Ways to optimize your Vessel’s Maritime Internet Connection

Maritime VSAT is a leap forward in technology that brings Internet to you at sea. Today, reliable high-speed maritime internet supports secure and reliable satellite voice and data services on marine vessels. However, there is a difference in connectivity speed at sea and land. There are some smart and unique ways that marine vessel operators can use to improve vessel Internet connection’s performance.

#1 Traffic Shaping

Traffic Shaping refers to controlling various Internet activities on marine vessel, such as email, website browsing and voice calls. You can use three types of traffic shaping methods — URL Shaping, Application Shaping and Policy-based Shaping — to set priorities between Internet users and traffic types allowed on the communication network. With URL Shaping, you can limit bandwidth distribution to different websites. Use Application Shaping method to allocate bandwidth depending upon different protocols used by users. Policy-based Shaping helps you to define your rules and regulations to specify maximum bandwidth and Internet usage rate.

#2 Use Bandwidth Monitoring System

Some maritime VSAT service providers offer bandwidth monitoring system along with high throughput satellite (HTS) technology in Ku and Ka-bands. Such monitoring systems can help in real-time monitoring of Internet usage by crew, operators and vessel systems. You can set parameters that will alert you when the Internet is down, when usage is exceeding limit and more. Bandwidth monitoring systems can also help vessel managers to couple maritime VSAT system with a shore-side high-speed Internet connection.

Maritime Internet connection helps your customers and crew to keep in touch with family, friends and businesses back home, managers to carry out vessel operations and operators to communicate with shore-side bases. With high-throughput maritime VSAT services, you get high bandwidth speeds on vessel, but you are also required to control usage to save money. These smart ways will let you use maritime Internet in a more efficient and effective way. However, care must be taken while selecting services and equipment to get the best pricing and experience. Consult with an experienced maritime satellite communications specialist today!

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