A long time ago, in 2011, I wrote my first DNI (Spanish ID) validation script. I did it with ActionScript.

Some years later, after the Flash era, I re-wrote it for Javascript.

Recently, I went into a heavily Functional Programming learning process and as a goal, I propose myself to create a new module applying what I learned.

The result (not following FP paradigm too much I would say) is:

Better DNI

Quickly I found out that there are many modules doing the same…

Replicate what others already did is a little boring, so I changed my goal to

I need to confess something: I change my editor theme almost every week. I change my wallpaper quite often. And from time to time my terminal font.

I don’t have a specific reason for that: sometimes my theme does not look good with certain type of file, sometimes the font looks too different on my retina and non retina display.

Sometimes actually “I don’t even know why I’m changing it”.

But I’m not alone, there is a bunch of crazy developers like me, I call them:

One of those “themeshifters” is Ricardo, a friend of mine, also developer.


A bit of history

Some years ago I created my blog with Jekyll and it has been working well for a while.

I have never been a huge fan of Ruby, but because of requirements or convenience I made some apps with it (Rails / Sinatra / Jekyll / etc).

I used to like Jekyll because I could write my posts in Markdown and easily to iterate through them. At that time I took a theme called Lanyon and I tweaked a bit. That was a enough for me.

But recently I found that I was installing Ruby and Jekyll in my machine just…

This is the second part of my article “I’m taking a break with macOS, I’m dating Linux.

Below some conclusions after spending a month or so with Linux, more specifically with Linux Mint 18 KDE.

Before talking about Linux, how I fallen in love with macOS?

The first Macintosh I used was the Performa 6300 model, it was my father’s work computer. At that time I was 12/14 years old. I used to use a Windows 3.1 PC 386 with 4MB of ram... I remember use DOS, Photoshop 3 and Corel Draw just for fun and play Loom and other games in an Hercules monitor with SimCGA mode.

I dreamed having…

Linux Mint 18 KDE with Arc theme

I must say that I’m in a complex situation.
Think about having your wife and your new girlfriend living in the same home. Weird right?

I can’t say to macOS: “Hey, she is Linux, my new girlfriend. She will stay here for a month, we are giving us a chance to know each other.”

After all, the MacBook is her home.

What happened with macOS?
As you know, macOS is not what she used to be. …

DeLorean DMC-12

Because I didn’t know too much about servers I used to use a cheap hosting with PHP and MySQL. But some time ago, when I started to build Ruby on Rails and Node.js apps I was searching for a better option and I discovered the world of PaaS. That changed the way I deploy now.

At the beginning, there was a lot to understand because I used to use, like many other web developers, just an FTP to update my site, but after a couple of days working with git I understood how to deploy with a push and that…

Nahuel Scotti


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