Kindred Rework:

Unless specified, if details about an ability are missing, they’re assumed to be the same as usual.

In this case, “Dance of Arrows” functionally does almost the same thing, has the same cooldown and cost, but has the added effects mentioned below.

(Side note: I didn’t see Xayah’s kit until after I made this)

(Another Side note: It’s possible that some information might be inconsistent as it’s explained as I am constantly thinking about other things about the Rework as I type about it, so be warned.)

Passive: Lamb and Wolf


Lamb and Wolf cannot critically strike.


Auto attacks deals 75% of your AD.

Lamb has an attack range of 500 units.


Constant Attack Speed of .625

auto-attacks deal 150% of your AD and 5% missing health as physical damage.

Wolf can only be directed by Lamb to directly attack. Wolf does not stop attacking until the target escapes his vision or if the target dies.

Wolf has a vision range of 400 units.

Wolf moves at the same speed as Lamb.

None of Wolf’s attacks apply on-hit effects.

Wolf is untargetable.

Q: Dance of Arrows

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Dance of Arrows can now additionally target a single target with all 3 arrows (provided the target is alone). Each additional arrow does 25% damage.


Dance of Arrows restores health based on 50% of the base damage of the first arrow.

W: Deadly Strike


Everytime Lamb fires an arrow, it deals an additional +5% (+1% for every 10% critical strike chance) current health true damage. This only applies to the first arrow in Dance of Arrows.


Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Cost: 80 Mana

Wolf attempts to execute an enemy unit by dealing an attack that does an additional 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% (+1% for every 20% critical strike chance) missing health as true damage.

On kill, if it’s a Large/Epic monster or Enemy Champion, the cooldown is reduced by 50% (30 seconds).

E: On the Prowl

Passive: Wolf wanders around a 1000 unit area around Lamb. If Wolf sees an enemy unit, he will try to attack it. Wolf ignores jungle monsters.

More specific behaviors…:

If Lamb walks away within 500 units, he will quickly move back to her side, while ignoring anything else provided Lamb isn’t attacking anything.

Wolf can move through walls and structures if he’s targeted someone, but otherwise will move as though he were material.

Wolf will move towards camps regardless of them being empty or not (due to the smell of them lingering or something).

Wolf will also move towards enemy champions


Cooldown: 24/21/18/15/12 seconds

Cost: 80 Mana

Lamb allows Wolf to chase a selected target for 5 seconds up to a 2000 unit range away from Lamb. During this time, he gains 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% movement speed, and his auto-attack damage is increased to 160/170/180/190/200% AD. If the target dies or escapes the range, Wolf will return to Lamb. During this time, Deadly Strike cannot be activated.

R: Mark of the Kindred

Cooldown: 120/90/60 seconds.

Cost: 100 Mana

After 3 seconds, mark an enemy champion within 2500/5000/7500 units to be hunted. When the target is marked, you will materialize within 1000 units of the target, and hunt in a 1500/2000/2500 unit radius. This only targets people that are more than 500 units away from their spawn, or 500 units away from their base.

What determines where you land:

Highest Priority: Where you can’t be seen.

Then: Where you can’t be hit by Turrets.

Then: Where you’re closer to less enemy champions than your target.

For 8.5 seconds:

Dance of Arrows’ additional arrows damage increased to 50%, and cooldown is reduced by 1 everytime you auto-attack an enemy champion. .

Wolf’s Frenzy is constantly up (meaning you can’t use W).


I wanted to do this rework because I didn’t necessarily like how Kindred was executed per se; it felt mostly one-sided just using Lamb for most of the work. This rework instead focuses on focusing on some facets of Kindred’s lore and bringing out more of Wolf while pushing back some of Lamb. One of these changes is notable in their ultimate which gives a nod to their Omnipresence. Another is in “On the Prowl” where Wolf goes and chase enemies, though at Lamb’s command. The fact that Wolf’s basic attacks deal Missing Health is a parallel to how, in lore, Wolf chases people who try to run from death; which, commonly, low health champions do.

From a gameplay standpoint, I turned Kindred into a Duelist-Assassin Hybrid; Lamb more apt to dueling, while Wolf assassinating.

The passive was changed to supplement the existence of Wolf while detailing the differences between Wolf and Lamb. One of the reasons why I lowered Lamb’s auto-attack damage to 75% of her AD was because of Deadly Strike; which gives her 3% current health true damage to her auto-attacks and to the first arrow in Dance of Arrows. I also removed critical hits from Kindred as a whole because they proved too hard to work with in both the case of Lamb and Wolf. Originally, Lamb was the only one to get critical hits because of Wolf’s auto-attacks being greater than 150%, but when I tried to get the critical strike chances to interact with Deadly Strike, the results were pretty broken when paired with attack speed and critical strike chance. Thankfully, this wasn’t my first option and I was already hoping for a more on-hit + attack speed oriented build, but I didn’t want to completely get rid of critical strike chance options (like Runaan’s or Phantom Dancer) so I integrated the critical strike chance stat as a scaling modifier for Deadly Strike. I also didn’t want to increase her attack speed or attack speed scaling because she’s suppose to use more attack speed oriented items now besides Black Cleaver.

Dance of Arrows is slightly different but is still retained as a Lamb exclusive skill. One of the changes I did was lower the cooldown to 5 seconds because there’s no longer a basic skill to lower Dance of Arrows’ cooldown to below 4 seconds upon using it. I would go lower, but I have to keep in mind that I am basically forcing Kindred players to use Black Cleaver for the movement speed passive and cooldown reduction, due to the lack of either in their kit, and the fact that they have relatively high cooldowns in the first place. An additional aspect that I gave to Dance of Arrows’ is that it heals based on the base damage of the ability before the AD scaling. I chose to give Kindred this because it would prove to be relatively useful now that she has less kiting ability due to loss of W.

Deadly Strike is suppose to be a dual skill that both Wolf and Lamb use to help them out. Admittedly, I still feel like Lamb’s side of Deadly Strikes (the passive part) is a bit weak considering how much damage she does now. Changing it to max health will make her look too much like Vayne, and changing it to missing health will defeat the part of the lore I decided to integrate. With Wolf’s side of Deadly Strike, I gave him an execution ability. I decided to brand it more situational by disabling it while you have On the Prowl activated because it might make the combination too powerful. Originally, I was going to have Deadly Strike heal you if it killed its target (provided the target was an Enemy Champion, or Epic/Large monster). However, that made it look too much like Nunu, so I shifted away to a cooldown reduction of 50%.This causes the down time of Deadly Strike to be 18 seconds with 20% cooldown reduction from Black Cleaver

On the Prowl is Wolf’s exclusive skill. The point of On the Prowl is a chasing mechanism for Wolf. However, I wanted to make it rather distinct to Warwick’s Blood Hunt by not giving it attack speed or targeting specific champions with low health. Instead, I make him target enemies that happen to be nearby. This can be used to bush check wherever necessary. However, this has a downside as it means Lamb is also nearby; if the enemy can act quickly enough they might be able to find and kill Lamb. This is also rather useful for counter-jungling as Wolf could potentially see if anyone is there, or if the camp still exists.

The Mark of the Kindred is basically a combination of old Wolf’s Frenzy and old Mark of the Kindred. The only things changed now are how Dance of Arrows’ cooldown is reduced and the fact that there’s no infinite stacking anymore. One of the things Kindred’s ultimate does now is that it blinks both Lamb and Wolf close to their target. How it determines it is based on the “safety” (which is outlined in the ability description itself) of the location where you spawn. Instead of reducing the cooldown of Dance of Arrows’ lower, I instead made it reduce based on auto-attacks, and gave a damage bonus to additional arrows to improve her dueling power. However, this may prove to be unnecessary as On The Prowl is also active for the entire duration of The Mark of the Kindred; It might be wayyy overkill is what I mean.

Thank you for reading my Kindred Rework.