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We have already mentioned the ways exponential technology will affect the planet that we live on and experience. Nevertheless, the actual impact of the disruptions caused by these technologies, which double in power annually, reaches far beyond these and can also shape the way that we think.

Exponential thinking is one of the keys for better understanding the future and for figuring out what our role is in the ever-changing world. According to Ray Kurzweil, one of the Singularity University founders, our linear brains can even get us into real trouble.

Thinking linearly causes businesses, governments and individuals to get blindsided by factors that trend towards exponential growth. Large corporations get disrupted by new competition; governments struggle to keep their policies current; all of us worry our future is out of control.

Exponential thinking reduces some of this disruptive stress and reveals new opportunities. If we can better plan for the accelerating pace, we can ease the transition from one paradigm to the next and greet the future in our stride. This is the line of thinking that Jeffrey Rogers will bring to the stage of the SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais to help us take the next step forwards. Through a practical guide to exponential thinking, Rogers will empower all attendees with the tools to de-risk experimentation, accelerate learning, and create change.

However, thinking exponential is also thinking outside of the box. That is where Robert Poynton enters. This coach deploys a participative improvisational method to convey an experience of key ideas about leadership and themes such as complexity, emergence, making sense of rapid and unpredictable change and establishing meaning through narrative. At the SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais, Poynton is not just talking about improvisation but also hosting some workshops designed to open our minds.

Speaking of workshops, have we already said that this summit is much more than just lectures? As we mentioned, the organization wants less passive listening and more engaging so there is a stage only for experimentation where attendees may encounter a very hands-on technological experience. Michell Zappa, technologist and founder, is one of the mentors on that stage, delivering a crash course on decentralized workflow and how to use technology to solve everyday problems.

The bottom line is that the SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais will also be an event where you can grow and improve as a person. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to confirm your attendance.

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