What do you need to pack for SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais?

It is part of the planning since there is so little time left for the big event. If you are going to SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais it is time to start thinking about what you need to bring in your backpack to fully harness the opportunities that you will find.

To help you, we made a list of objects that you must carry with you to Cascais for the two days of the event.


It might look outdated, but a pen is an object that comes in handy in many circumstances. While you’re at the event, you might need to give your email to someone or even to explain your business model to other innovators.

And another thing: you never know when a great idea comes up in your mind. Who knows if the next solution for a global grand challenge will not be written in a napkin?


With more than 20 speakers spread around four stages, you will want to take note of many of the life-changing thoughts that will be shared in Cascais. Your smartphone, your laptop or your tablet will be your best friend in these two days.

If you still rely on paper (a “saudosista”, as we say in portuguese), bring your notepad. The tech geeks will let you enter the room.


And if gadgets are going to be your right arms in this summit, they need to be always ready to work. For that to happen, don’t forget the chargers at home. You will have plenty of plugs at Nova SBE.

A hand full of will to change the world

With all the tools that we have nowadays, the most important thing that you need to have to change the world is a strong will. From then on, you can find in exponential technology a way of solving the biggest problems.

An open mind

Even if you write down every piece of advice that you will receive in this summit, as well as every new and disruptive idea that you will encounter in these two days, it will be worthless if your mind is not ready enough to welcome them.

That is why we suggest that you clear all the prejudice, preconceived ideas and ready-made thoughts that might exist in your mind. SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais can be life-changing, but only if you want to.

PS: Don’t forget that you can leave the snacks home because Singularity U got you covered. We know that great food in summits is not the main event, but for us, it is a big deal.