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A Small Country with a Big Community🇳🇱

The SingularityU Amsterdam Chapter connected and cross-disciplinary professionals, including: Peter Maarten Westerhout, Alix Rübsaam, Maayke Aimee Damen, and Jordy Egging.

The SingularityU Amsterdam team 🇳🇱

“We localized the body of thought coming out of SU to what is going on in our region because we want to share knowledge and experience in order to inspire others to do something here,” comments Peter Maarten Westerhout from the SingularityU Amsterdam leadership team. “We run events for alumni, but also for the curious.”

There is no shortage of curious people in Amsterdam. Historically, the Dutch have been known for their global explorations, and more recently they have become…

Van Duesterberg, #GSP16 & co-founder of tailor-made supplement startup Nutrigene, pitches her company at SU.

by Darlene Damm

At Singularity University, we are unleashing a generation of women who are smashing through barriers and starting some of the most ambitious technology companies on the planet.

Singularity University was founded in 2008 to empower leaders to use exponential technologies to solve our world’s biggest challenges. Our flagship program, the Global Solutions Program, has historically brought 80 entrepreneurs from around the world to Silicon Valley for 10 weeks to learn about exponential technologies and create moonshot startups that improve the lives of a billion people within a decade.

After nearly 10 years of running this program, we…

Since launching the SingularityU Chapters program in 2015, the SingularityU Global network has grown to an impressive network of 73 chapters in 45 countries. In this “SingularityU: Chapter in the Spotlight” blog series, we interview Chapter Leaders to explore what led them to open their Chapters, what makes them unique, and how their city fits into the global ecosystem. To learn more about getting involved with SingularityU Chapters, visit: su.org/chapters

Scientists are deep thinkers who want to solve big problems, yet they often exist in disparate silos that rarely intersect with other sectors, especially the arts. But not in Recife, Brazil! The SingularityU Recife Chapter has brought together the local scientific, entrepreneurial, and artistic communities to collaborate on emerging technologies and global grand challenges.

One such collaboration is an event held this past summer (which sold out within 8 hours) featuring a performance that combined music with virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). To show why purpose must be considered when designing innovative tech, participants experienced a first-hand demonstration…

Since launching the SingularityU Chapters program in 2015, the SingularityU Global network has grown to an impressive network of 73 Chapters in 45 countries. In this “SingularityU: Chapter in the Spotlight” blog series, we will interview Chapter Leaders to explore some of what led them to open their SingularityU Chapters, what their Chapter experiences have been, and what makes their cities an important part of SU’s global ecosystem.
To learn more about our Chapter program, see our website here.

Singapore is a small country with a big reputation. The small English-speaking island nation has been known as a multi-cultural international business, financial and trading center for decades. Yet in more recent times, the country has been growing into a global innovation center uniquely positioned as a bridge between the Eastern and Western worlds.

Led by a team of international and cross-disciplinary professionals, the SingularityU Singapore Chapter comprises five co-leads: Charlie Ang, Dave Lim, Dr. Steven Tucker, Lee Chon Cheng and Jack Sim. The team reflects multiple nationalities, diverse expertise, and a mix of international and local experience.

“You need…

SU HQ competed against 10 SingularityU Chapters globally to feed kids in developing nations

A snapshot of my impact, thanks to Calorie Cloud

by Matthew Straub

It goes without saying that our team at Singularity University is always intensely interested in our SU Labs portfolio companies, but we often don’t get to have a true hands-on experience with them. Most of us aren’t in need of 3D printing in space (just yet) and are more likely to see human therapists rather than getting AI-powered mental healthcare. So we were all pretty excited to interact with the consumer-facing startup Calorie Cloud, which literally takes calories burned by individuals and translates them into real-world, nutritious calories for kids in developing nations.

Last month our Human…

Zoe Brinkley

by Lisa Kay Solomon

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO, posted a public manifesto of nearly 6,000 words to Facebook’s community of almost 1.9 billion people called “Building a Global Community.” In the opening lines, readers quickly see that this isn’t about a product update or policy change, but rather focuses on a larger philosophical question that Zuckerberg courageously poses: “Are we building the world we all want?”

The manifesto was not without controversy, raising very public concerns from traditional media companies and questions from Washington insiders who actively wonder about Zuckerberg’s longer-term political aspirations.

Regardless of your interpretation…

Last week we wrapped up our Future of Learning series in Medium.

Here’s the overview:

5 Takes on How Tech is Changing Education

We covered exponential technologies that are changing the classroom (including artificial intelligence and virtual reality), what teenage students actually want to do in school, and what online education will look like in 2025. Plus quite a lot more.

If SU is speaking your language and you’d like to get more involved, consider finding out if there’s a SingularityU Chapter near you.


Matthew Straub
Editor, medium.com/singularityu

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Are you afraid of AI becoming evil? by SU’s Director of Impact Brett Schilke

How Leaders Can Dream a Bold New Future and Bring It to Life

Trending on Singularity Hub

Old Mice Made Young…

Over the past several weeks, we have been writing about how technology is impacting education as part of our Future of Learning series. Our contributors explored the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly fast-paced digital world, ventured to put a stake in the ground about what online ed might look like in 10 years, and asked teenagers what they want their education to be like.

In case you missed it, below are interesting excerpts from the five articles we published in our Future of Learning series.

by Alison E. Berman ✍️

If you’d asked farmers a few hundred years ago what skills their kids would need to thrive, it wouldn’t have taken long to answer. They’d need to know how to milk a cow or plant a field. They needed general skills for a single profession that barely changed. This is how it’s been for most of human history.

But in the last few centuries? Not so much.

Each generation, and even within generations, we see some jobs largely disappear, while other ones pop up. Machines have automated much of manufacturing, for example, and they’ll automate…

Singularity University

Singularity University empowers leaders to leverage exponential technologies to solve global grand challenges.

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