Chapter2 Rain Part 2

The Protector

Suddenly I remember. My boots are from my grandmother and she gave me a guide book about them. I rummaged through my book bag to find it at the bottom. It was a silver book with wood lining. I opened it to find that all of this is super new to me. I started to feel really bad about how my grandma had given this to me and I hadn’t even read it until now. I opened to the page about how to use them. Then I turned to the Ash boots. They can walk across water, mist, or anything that can put fire out basically. It also warned me that to focus on getting to the other side and then I realized it is a note my grandmother put on the bottom of the page.

Okay grandmother, wish me luck, I whispered

The first time didn’t work but after a few tries I realized I would have to run across the water, the Ash boots wouldn’t hold me up for very long because I haven’t practiced whatsoever. The birds sang and the grass was dewy. I was ready.

I put the book back and concentrated on the other side. Then I dashed to the other side. It was a long dash and my feet already was tied to give up but I pushed them up their limit. I sped closer to shore I realized how much fun I was actually having. I was suddenly unfocused and my feet gave in. I tossed my backpack in the air and plunge! I swam as fast as I could to shore. What I do for Angel… I thought.

My backpack was nice and dry and I was the opposite of that. I bravely trudged onward anyhow. The safest path to the cabin would be from the town not very far from here, right? So I started to go northward. Never Eat Soggy Waffles. Suddenly I bumped into two kids about my age. They looked like they were on a hike.

“Hi! Um… my name is Evilin and I was wondering if you could show me the way to town, the closest one north.” I asked.

“That’s actually where we are heading I live there and this is my brother. My name is Star and his is Levi. Cool name Evilin.” said the girl calmly yet very collected

“Thank you.” I responded I noticed that Star’s bag was super heavy. She also had some sort of candy in her hand. I asked her what candy it was and if I could have some to try. At first she looked pale. Then her mouth gapped.


She then pulled out two little packets of it.I put the red sour one in my mouth.

“The red ones, strawberry…” Star looked at the back of her package “ Is most people’s favorite.”

At first it made my tongue curl up in the sourness but when I sucked on it the sweetness came along and then the strawberry flavor was super strong in my mouth. It tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before! Then I bit into it. Chewy too? How could one little Skittle have so much in it? I swallowed it.

“How was it?” Star asked in the verge of dying from curiosity.

“Amazing!” I awnsered when what I really wanted to say was magical.

Soon after when we got tired we played some games of cards. Im not bad at it. We were playing war. I had experience from where I came from. Star kept saying “Beat that!” every time she laid down a card but I’m pretty sure she usually didn’t win the round. I was happy because I had three aces and a joker so yeah. Levi was quiet while he played but he watched us as we laid down our cards. I think they are taking th game just a bit too seriously.

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